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Are they all walking zombies?

20 02 13 - 18:00

Liberals, consumerists, hipsters, socialites: those who conform to the dying order. These are they who fear the task before us if we want a civilization back, and have instead decided to join the great weight of the decay. Their souls are weak and their will is compromised. They are zombies, forever demanding more new delights and more new purchases, yet never fulfilled. They have no purpose. Like rogue cells, they form tumors and drain life from the civilization organism.

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Last night I drank an entire liter of yoghurt before going to bed. When I woke up the next day my bowels were on fire! I had to jump out of bed and run to the bathroom! As soon as I sat down on the toilet my ass released a hot stream of stinking diarrhea, I had made it just in time! I never knew drinking a liter of yoghurt would have this effect on me. My ass kept pumping out pure liquid shit and the shit was burning on the brown ring of my asshole. It was like I was peeing shit! After my ass had stopped barfing up brown goo I was too afraid to even look at the pool of diarrhea. I was scared it might simply be a mixture of yoghurt, blood and bowel juices so I flushed without looking. But damn, after my body had stopped shaking I couldn't help but feel incredibly purified! I guess this is how people feel when they are fasting. It was like I had shat out all the negativity in my body! Like I had pushed out an evil spirit!

I wouldn't recommend drinking a liter of yoghurt just before going to bed every night. But it's definitely healthy to do this at least once or twice a week! When we live our daily lives there are many evil spirits that enter our body through fastfood, gluten and carbonated water. I honestly believe yoghurt is a white gift from God to help us fight those evil spirits! So if you're feeling the weight of the devil in your bowels but can't release it try drinking a liter of yoghurt before going to bed, pray on your bedside and when you wake up the next day you'll feel the magic! Healthy Lifestyle Tips - 22-02-’13 07:28
Sodomizer of Baby Jesus
Praise the Lord! Sodomizer of Baby Jesus (URL) - 22-02-’13 08:56

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