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CAUS founder speaks!

12 02 13 - 04:26

The architects of the recent flier assaults on Crowdism have posted an interview here:

five comments

Dave's mom
"Imagine an army of dictators, who could stop them? An army of Saddam Husseins, Adolf Hitlers, Josef Stalins, etc.? They would be unstoppable and that is the sort of elites we need to build."

We need an army of public manipulators who's megalomania made them so paranoid they starting killing everyone around them and made fatal strategic mistakes? It's like I'm reading some corny interview with a black metal band. Dave's mom - 12-02-’13 09:59
Kony 2012
@wow - 12-02-’13 11:12 :
stop being such an ignorant homophobic bigot!!!
fack u! Kony 2012 - 12-02-’13 15:58
Sodomizer of Baby Jesus
Everybody loves to bitch about ANUS, no one has a better idea. Funny how that's related. Sodomizer of Baby Jesus (URL) - 12-02-’13 17:42
The most important thing in a machine such ass that hydrogen coliider is that we can build machie n that makes nukes propel us hopeful Dumbass - 13-02-’13 13:29
LOL negative comments deleted pathetic - 16-02-’13 19:30

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