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World turned upside down

04 02 13 - 17:56

From an odd source:
Think back to when your consciousness was once asleep inside you. You didn't have the knowing to see the sanity behind what you once thought was insanity. I've found myself "being a nobody" in the eyes of my family, and they think I have lost the plot. Even the fact that I don't respond to their pointless drama these days means to them that I'm emotionally withdrawn and have "mental issues". But it's really the complete opposite, they just can't see the truth whilst they sleep

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I love this site but I don't need to read about your family problems. I would share the link with my friends if not for the occasional straight up embarrassing shit like this steve - 05-02-’13 00:20
Well, in Anus' defense, there is certainly a difference between having 'it all' (the world)) figured out, and having 'it all figured out' relative to one's self. At least for me the internal philosophy of this site has always been sound, where it falls down is the ideological constructs it projects onto the world. There is also the environmental factor of those who prefer to digest information/ideas tend to have a smaller human footprint. And virtually no one alive in an industrialised nation would be able to survive separated from society, the lack of teaching of survival skills undeniably keeps people dependent upon the system and thus is manipulation whether intentional or not, not to mention the fact modern societies have rendered most of the remaining 'wilderness' an unlivable wasteland. JP - 05-02-’13 04:59
There is also that whole thing about 'employees' considering themselves 'independent', when in reality they are utterly dependant upon an economic system, any 'independence/self-sufficience' they have attained is ultimately financial and thus works purely in an artificial social/economic context and would instantly collapse in direct relation to the 'real world'. JP - 05-02-’13 05:08
Watch out for the Bahama Mockingbird in your Southwest, West, and Northwest areas! Alert! Alert! Bahama Mockingbird coming to town. Alert! Gloabal fucking WARMING! BIRD ALERT - 05-02-’13 10:58
anal hallucinations
Does anyone else get these? Often as I'm falling asleep, I feel penetrated. It's always soft penetration, never anything abrasive. Also, this one is not exactly a hallucination, but sometimes as my inner woman is speaking, it will turn into fucking without me consciously doing so. I don't know how to fuck, either. anal hallucinations - 05-02-’13 14:38
Troy Sanders jokes
Troy Sanders walks into a gun store. He sees a rack of impressive assault rifles on the left. He walks to the guy behind the counter and asks "Hey, can you give me some information about that Heckler & Koch rifle?"

The salesman says "We don't sell any Heckler & Kochs here. We don't sell assault rifles."

Troy Sanders is a little shocked. There's a rack of assault rifles with price tags and everything but the salesman says he doesn't sell assault rifles. Troy Sanders decides not to argue with the salesman.

Troy Sanders looks at the right and sees a rack with pistols. He asks the salesman "Hey, could I fit a scope on that Beretta M9?"

But the salesman replies "We don't sell any Berettas here. We don't sell pistols."

Troy Sanders is getting annoyed now. There's obviously a rack of pistols in the store, and there's obviously a rack of rifles, so why does the salesman keep telling him he doesn't sell any guns?

Underneath the glass counter is a large selection of knives. Combat knives, fold out knives, even those silly fantasy knives. Troy Sanders says "I'll buy that buck knife then. Here's 50 dollars, you can keep the change."

But again the salesman says "We don't sell any buck knives here. We don't sell any knives."

Troy Sanders becomes infuriated and shouts "HEY MAN, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST MASTODON?"

The salesman says "You came to the right place! My advise is to use this Heckler & Koch assault rifle. Then once they're down I suggest you use the Beretta M9 to finish them off with a bullet through the head. But you could also use this buck knife if you prefer not wasting any more bullets." Troy Sanders jokes - 05-02-’13 18:03
Phoenix Phonecians

Enjoy the wiki porn while there.

Hint: looking southSOUTHSouth Phoenix Phonecians - 05-02-’13 23:50
opposite america china


Well, I think Europe get s in the way first huh - 06-02-’13 00:12
Sweet Troy Of Mine
He’s got a cock that it seems to me
Reminds me how I lost my virginity
It was with a dog, his dick was hairy and short like Troy’s

Now and then when people call me gay
His music takes me away to that special place
Next to Metalocalypse it’s the only thing that I enjoy

Whoa, oh, oh, sweet Mastodon
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, tear soaked tampon

He’s got balls of the softest kind
As if they know they’re gay
I’d love to be licking on those balls when Troy begins to defecate

His band reminds me of Led Zeppelin
Mixed with Pantera and Korn
I heard that when Mastodon plays live they have a large video screen with gay porn

Whoa, oh, oh, sweet Mastodon
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, tear soaked tampon

What did you say?
What did you say bro?
What did you say?

What did you say?
What did you say bro?
What did you say?

Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro
Sweet Troy, Sweet Mastodon of mine Sweet Troy Of Mine - 06-02-’13 02:52
china metal blacks metal
!!waiyu go hang long dong guy!! china metal blacks metal (URL) - 06-02-’13 13:22
power to the poophole
Do you guys think this is real?

http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhP8guu5SJa8VWcsEN power to the poophole - 06-02-’13 14:51

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