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The human stain

03 02 13 - 07:00

Pictures from Hong Kong.

Our species have become insects on the earth. Unchecked, we not only take over from nature, but turn our own existence into hell.

ten comments

every anus critic ever
You're making it seem like hell is a bad thing. You've obviously been brainwashed by the christians. Sorry but from now on I can't take you serious anymore. every anus critic ever - 03-02-’13 15:01
@ the last two replies

Are you guys crazy, stoned or just straight up dumb?

Human overpopulation IS a new thing.
It might be older than you or I,
but in the bigger picture it has maybe a 50 year history

You might say technology has allowed for it
therefore it is right
but this is complete faggotry

You might be worried that if we say it is wrong
then people must die to make things right
In reality this idea is contructed by yourself
to deter people from considering change

You know this is complete faggotry
how can it be anything else?

Maybe you have a weak leg, AIDS, vested interests
or are a softy at heart
And believe you would die
if things were to change

I don't mean to sound mean
But you're just some weak faggot
TOPS BOSS - 03-02-’13 17:23
Too true, sadly. Technology and welfare mean we're pumping our pointless, retarded kids by the million. If governments had any balls they'd call it how it is and immediately implement mass eugenics and targeted sterilzation programs. steve - 04-02-’13 00:33
I sodomize nihilists
Nihilists are faggot emos who should be whiped out of the earth surface! I sodomize nihilists - 04-02-’13 03:41
Dont worry, if they can't prevent themselves from breeding like rats, the nature will stop them and increase the population -eventually.Nature never forgives. wereworm - 04-02-’13 12:03
THATS RACIST Dave (URL) - 04-02-’13 13:43
Calling humanity insects, is an insult to insects. I approve mandatory sterilisation for anyone who has two kids or more. Then again it is difficult to tell how much more growth would be permitted if we didn't have corrupt regimes suppressing (positive) human potential and technological progress beyond what enables them to manipulate and stupify (you are in denial if you think the exponentially more efficient/effective technologies which are the next logical progression are not inherently incompatible with the current form of cannibalistic capitalism, the existing system cannot survive where nanotech/micro-robotics and advanced carbon-based building materials have made everything available to everyone at a fraction of the resources previously needed) then we might even be progressing at a rate which would let us expand into space without rapidly exhausting resources. At any rate, mismanagement by elites and humanity's collective lack of self-control are obviously factors. Because really, what kind of person wants to bring new life into a dying world anyways? JP - 04-02-’13 16:18
Lol what the fuck is Malthusian law and why does it mean we've gotta let ghetto trash breed us to bankruptcy? steve - 04-02-’13 23:48
@ above faggot
What is Chungking Mansions?
What is Kowloon Walled City?
What are triads?
What is opium? @ above faggot - 05-02-’13 08:54
Yes, please prove that healthy grass is green. Simon - 05-02-’13 16:25

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