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The internet is a brain disease

30 01 13 - 14:48

Your brain has been ruined by the internet. This can help:

eigthteen comments

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c2gpxv43Zg Meyer - 30-01-’13 22:06
black metal is gay metal
AIDS is a black metal disease. black metal is gay metal - 30-01-’13 22:29
2/10, apply yourself
So deep bro. Especially the part about "normals" and how "people who socialize on the Internet are broken". Because under no circumstances must the Internet be used as a communication device.

Looks like it was written by a 14 year old. 2/10, apply yourself - 30-01-’13 22:33
fuck yourself
Oh, I forgot how you're so hardcore for using the Internet to transmit "abstract data". Makes you look like a 1337 h4x0r, not like those normals. Because that's obviously all you do by writing in your metal forum, right? fuck yourself - 30-01-’13 22:35
Hey man, this site and it's affiliates in absolutely no way represents a form of socialisation. There is no 'exclusive peer group', no trendy self-identity, no propaganda or bi-polar moralism. Just pure, abstract, data.

The utter lack of nihilism here is obvious, and amerika.org is looking more and more like mainstream republican dog-shit every day, hooray we broke this shit! JP - 30-01-’13 22:44
How can this help? All it was was an ad for amerika.org. I've seen anime with more depth in its trite "hurr society is a lie modern life is meaningless" message than that.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGL1x40p46s#t=0m34s #! - 30-01-’13 22:47
amerika.org is pure dog-shit, my favorite was when brett cuntens accused 'the left' of 'fighting dirty' because somebody moved a few mitt romney posters. I guess machiavellian tactics such as deliberately posting fliers with blatant misinformation about candidates and voting times/locations, as well as restructuring electoral zones to give your party an unfair advantage doesn't count as 'fighting dirty' if you are on the 'right' side, right? And of course he had to call Romney a 'job creator', when his job was literally down-sizing American companies, BWA-HA-HA! NOBODY does moral hypocrisy like the modern right! People are finally starting to wake up as to where the true cancer in humanity lies. JP - 30-01-’13 22:57
You really get a sense of the intelligence of who you're dealing with with when they openly endorse a slick, oiled plutocratic parasite who wears magic underwear.

http://www.villagevoice.com/2012-04-18/news/Mitt-Romney-american-parasite/ #! - 31-01-’13 05:40
Everyone is equal, empowered and barriers come down with the internet. The only misfit on the internet are your gated housing capitalist and your right wing elitist propaganda. Face it your old hate borders are getting torn down and our liberated mass of global workers are coming to stay for good. The internet today is just a virtual mirror of real life taking shape around us all anyway. Dave (URL) - 31-01-’13 21:26
Everyday I see ANUS.com turning more and more into God-bless America flag waving patriots.
I remember when I first stumbled upon ANUS and found the Altar of Blasphemy and
"Judeo-Christian Holocaust Now!" items. I was shocked and appalled but it was
only beneficial in the end as now I am vehemently anti-Christian and I see
how sickly it's morality and way of life is. Now it seems ANUS has traded
all of this to be a pro-Israel, pro-Capitalist Conservative safe and morally
upright organization.

Bring back the true darkness, or were you just playing pretend all along? AB - 01-02-’13 08:16
I think they got over their edgy teenager phase, which Prozak should have gotten out of 20 years ago. You should too.

That said, I agree with the rest of your post. @AB - 01-02-’13 08:35
Cheng Steele
Alright that's enough!

anyone antiANUS is fucking rodent!

how can this be any other way?

Fight me if disagree faggots! Cheng Steele - 02-02-’13 14:52

Reason of a 12 year old Fixed. - 02-02-’13 17:14
I saw a guy on the bus
with neat little glasses
trimmed sideburns
pimp hat
and a white t-shirt

He had some nifty little
tattoo on his wrist
in italics
I could barely make out the word 'special'

Looking over his shoulder
his hand typed furiously away
on the latest i-phone

He was writing a letter
of disapproval to anus.com

what a faggot. Jasio - 03-02-’13 17:41
Sick poem Jasio.

Everyone knows that using metre automatically makes what you're saying worthwhile, no matter how insipid it is.

On a serious note, I rather liked the video.

But good god, look how quick Brett Stevens turns on his collaborators and allies, characterising them as self-centred parasites, the moment they don't act exactly in a way that benefits his zine.

What a repulsive little pustule. Franny - 04-02-’13 00:41
Franny texting on the bus with Jasio looking over his/her shoulder... Priceless - 04-02-’13 23:39
I don't even have a smart phone.

Nice try though. Franny - 06-02-’13 00:44

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