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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Sophisticated and primitive

21 01 13 - 09:49

Guest post by Ted Swanson

Some criticize heavy metal for its primitive music and lyrics. When people decide to mock it, they point to its seriousness of outlook and seemingly outlandish lyrics. These, too, they decide, are "primitive."

I was reading something by a philosophy professor and it was basically about the conceptions of the infinite, the finite, limits and "perfection." He spoke broadly, and I will speak broadly. He summed up antiquity's conception thus: perfection can be achieved within the "finite," and only the finite. To cross one's limit, into the "infinite" was hubris. So to go beyond one's potential or limits, was just as bad, if not worse, then "unrealized" potential.

"It is not virtuous to be primitive if one is too limited otherwise." In a sense, this is true enough, but the question is: how does one know one's limits until one has crossed them? And even then, how exactly does one know when one has crossed the limits?

Let us posit a boundary or limit precisely between primitive and sophisticated. Perfection would be to be right at the limit without crossing it. But with antiquity's conception in mind, if I understand it correctly, it actually is more virtuous to be 5 steps behind the limit, than even one step beyond the limit. To be beyond the limit was hubris and this is the "ultimate" bad as far as antiquity is concerned. So because it is very hard to know where the limit is precisely, it is better to err on the side of 5 steps behind the limit than even 1 step beyond the limit.

So for an artist to reach "perfection" they must know their limits and work within them, as far as antiquity is concerned. Now let us conceive of metal as a single entity. With this in mind, we could say that metal has a long tradition and well established boundaries. Any worthy artist within metal ought to already know these boundaries and work within them, and pushing boundaries should be a very gradual process, lest they go beyond the limit into the infinity of gayness. This is why the primitive aesthetic is superior to sophistication.

Let's be honest, are there many musicians, outside of metal, that you would really consider wordsmiths? Not hardly. So as far as that goes, I don't consider the lyrics of metal to be any less sophisticated than any other style of music. Just read poetry or the classics if that's what you want.

Nuance and subtlety can be overrated. If you have read William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell, consider the opening poem. It is pure metal. More sophisticated than the lyrics of Immortal, sure, but perhaps more rough around the edges than the more "refined" poets of his era. Metal is the William Blake of popular music.

I've always considered part of the thrill of metal to be finding the parallels between it and more ancient art and literature. In other words, not to consider it in isolation. In the Sagas is a recurring kenning. The kenning is basically when someone is killed or blood is shed, it is expressed as creating food for the ravens or the crows. Graveland definitely uses this in various forms, and if I'm not incorrect, Immortal does too. Is it deliberate? Are they familiar with the Sagas? Who knows? Either way it's awesome and that is all.


Is Inchiuvatu any good? Or what about Beyond North? Or Darkwoods My Bethrothed? Which of those bands would you consider the most classic? TBM - 22-01-’13 06:23
@ filled butthole
you're a what? @ filled butthole - 22-01-’13 15:00
"Any worthy artist within metal ought to already know these boundaries and work within them, and pushing boundaries should be a very gradual process, lest they go beyond the limit into the infinity of g*******."

I told you guys. There you go again with right wing reactionary intolerance and homomophibia. Besides all that why is g******* somehow is less worth? I doubt any of you backword hate mongers can answer that. Dave (URL) - 22-01-’13 15:23
Dave is intolerant towards anything of qaulity.
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that cunt needs a fucking right hook Jasio - 22-01-’13 16:35
Art Veleour
They are the gay wizards Art Veleour - 22-01-’13 18:53
Concerned American
I am strongly against cultural marxism and recently I've developed a new theory. All these music videos and television programs that show women being sluts and promote degeneracy, these programs cause men to lose interest in pursuing a serious relationship with women. And all the TV programs that show homosexuals as good people, those programs are causing men to become more openminded about being in a relationship with a man. And then all those chemicals that are in tap water, the insecticide on the vegetables we eat, the chemicals in the deodorants we use, it's all changing mens hormones and making men effeminate! Gay fashion styles and music promoting homosexuality were always part of cultural marxism but I believe we are seeing something new here and I've called this new phenomenon "sexual marxism" It takes cultural marxism to it's logical extreme. The marxists want us all to become homosexuals! It's no wonder they want our army to accept gays! I don't see Cuba or North Korea promoting faggotry in their armies. Looks like when there's a war our boys will be the bottoms! Concerned American - 23-01-’13 15:51
sing it sister. 42 - 24-01-’13 06:19
Freedom Call
>The marxists want us all to become homosexuals!

They do this by promoting black metal, convincing you that all the cool "elite" kids listen to it when really it's just a parade of homosexuals (Gayhl) and degenerates. Black metal is the tool of the jew. Strike back! With the firm hammer of Power Metal. In 25+ years of its existence 1) There has never been a homosexual ever involved in a Power Metal band 2) There have been no suicides in Power Metal bands 3) Power Metal has continued supplying powerful anthems to the traditionally-minded metal enthusiast. Freedom Call - 24-01-’13 17:32
Glenn Beck
Actually I was into power metal when I was a kid and I was tremendously gay! I was 14 when I heard the first Iced Earth album and after I discovered Blind Guardian I started wearing power metal T-shirts, grew my hair long and began giving blowjobs to other boys at my school during lunch break. They'd pay me with their lunch money but I would have done it for free too! Most of the other kids that were into power metal at the time were just like me. All the heterosexual power metal kids grew out of it after a while but the hardcore homosexuals stayed power metal fans for life! I myself had a different calling: I became a republican after 9/11, I found Christ and I abandoned my evil non-heterosexual ways. I've even become so detached from my own childhood that I can now safely blame sexual marxism for the mistakes I made as a teen. I wish I would have been a Chuck Berry fan or a Doors fan, I probably would have been a lot more heterosexual! I'll gladly believe you when you say that black metal makes people gay because all metal makes men gay. After all metal is a genre that is typified by a lack of females and an abundance of feminized men. Such a thing can never be a good environment for a growing teen who's experiencing all sorts of emotions for the first time. Never! Glenn Beck - 25-01-’13 05:36
The fact that you wrote that (and others) confirms the link between listening to black/death/degeenrate metal and homosexuality infiltrating your mind.
Cool story bro. The fact that you wrote that (and others) confirms the link between listening to black/death/degeenrate metal and homosexuality infiltrating your mind. - 25-01-’13 07:19
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new liturgy music video
http://www.tube8.com/gay/fetish/monster-cock-docking/6072781/ new liturgy music video - 25-01-’13 11:22
dude who says stuff
I just find it awesome that you admit that metal is popular music. dude who says stuff - 25-01-’13 19:52
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You guys are retarded... wow - 26-01-’13 18:10
And I am going to get slayer fans to kill you... fuck - 26-01-’13 18:12
You mean between their 4:00 nap and their 5:30 early-bird special? right. - 26-01-’13 21:55
no dipshit...
Between you shutting the fuck up and growing a pair...

I thought indo-Europeans were brave and shit? Guess not... no dipshit... - 27-01-’13 10:04
What's an Indo-European? you? - 27-01-’13 16:04
'tis not I
@ you?:

no 'tis not I - 27-01-’13 16:22
outrageous homosexual
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Question to anus.com
Why do you recommend that people listen to crappy metal that sounds like shit instead of good metal like Blind Guardian? Question to anus.com - 28-01-’13 07:30
(You're back now at the hipster hour this is DJ Hunter Suckdicks
On W-Anus, right now, somethin new, by Parody Guy
And this one goes out to the fans, and all the gays
A big frot frot frot, cuz we gonna make it a little sleazy here tonight,
this is DJ Hunter Suckdicks, on the station that
slaps you across your neckbeard, with a small dick)

I heard your album last night baby
And laughed at the opening track
I had respect for your demo
But now I take it all back
Cause I heard the studio versions
And they suck donkey balls
Try to sell this shit at concerts
And I'll take my dick out and piss on your stall
Next time your poseur band is touring
I will come on over, and I'll break your face
And if you cancel the gig that day baby
We'll all know it's 'cause you have AIDS
And I have never heard a band
That is good and from Ireland

Well if Prozak heard your band I guess he would croak
He would write a review and he would fill it with jokes
I broke and did wee wee, on your brand new CD
Used the booklet as tee-pee, it gave me HIV
I have no love for poseurs
That's something I learned from the net
So how the fuck am I supposeured
To pay for this shit, just to listen to it?
Once I hear it's a gay band, I won't listen to it again
And then I'm through with it, there's nothing left to do with it
Upload it for the homies, now you hear it
Cause it ain't nuthin but some mp3's
And y'all know, mp3's you can get for free
I gives a fuck, why do you call this metal?
Just call it indie rock it's settled, I'm Parody Guy
Bitch, I'll never buy your band t-shirt, sell out faaaags!

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't hear none (repeat 4x)

Guess who back in the motherfuckin comments?
Averting a purchase that might cause lament
Punks recognize, hessians do too
Cuz when hipsters get skanless and release a doo doo
Who you gonna sue? Their dumb hipster fans?
So I'd advise you not to trust that band
Silly of me to order this from Brazil
Knowin damn well, I'd get ripped off by a shill
Now as I lift some weights and my arms grows bigger
How many women wanna marry this figure named Parody Guy,
I'm always on drugs
Proxies on the net so I don't get caught by the feds
But see, it ain't no fun, if my online homies can't have it
Cause you know I laugh at it

Hey, now ya know, Krallice sucks and they're homos
They're in for the money, their fans are all bitches
They fucked each others asses so hard they need stitches
In the gay bar, with WITTR to be exact
Slapping each others butts, snorting coke from the crack
I can't believe black metal has sunk so low
I knew your band when you were still juggalos
Now put this damn pistol in your mouth
It's me, Parody Guy, Imma put your lights out

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't hear none (repeat 4x) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmoS16qAv94 - 28-01-’13 09:05
Pissing on bathroom stalls in one of my favorite things to do! HEYU - 28-01-’13 12:59
show's over, you can all stop coming here
Prozak (and his site) in a nutshell: http://i46.tinypic.com/212tkhv.jpg show's over, you can all stop coming here - 29-01-’13 04:45

BEE-KAY HAVE IT YO WAY! Sophistocat - 29-01-’13 09:00
naw dawg things rilly is fuckdid up these dayz u b trippin! YoYo - 29-01-’13 13:45
We are right, you are wrong... for as long as denial lasts. When the dam breaks, all of society will fall, and then?

And then who cares who is right, right now we have beer, television, fapping and Jesus. Bolsheviktim (URL) - 30-01-’13 10:05
???? ?? ???
I Love this post! ???? ?? ??? (URL) - 02-02-’13 04:46

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