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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Black metal and masculinity

21 01 13 - 09:41

From a Finnish dissertation:

The dissertation examines the concept of darkness and masculinities emerging in the Finnish black metal. This study examines the normative or hegemonic norms and breach of subversive emerging multiple masculinities as cultural models of the Finnish Black Metal most popular with fans.

Cultural models are analyzed under theories of hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity, performative, subversive and post-masculine ideals. Queer research and (critical) research fellow, from a feminist research, creative dissertation theoretical base.

Style and ideology are important concepts in Finnish black metal through its central value of dealing with the rising darkness. The concept of darkness often consists of an ideological anti-Christianity, in Finnish black metal typically through Satanism. Darkness can be expressed in song lyrics, music and the visual elements. Black metal style consists of ideology, as well as the darkness of different modes of expression of the equation.

Masculinity is one form of the warlike and aggressive spirit of black metal, which aspires to conquest of the useless and its replacement with the good. This is a quintessential warlike and masculine value.

This is expressed through a Romantic sense of nature-worship and melancholy isolation against the madding crowd. Black metal escapes the human world of emotion, and instead looks to the natural world of power and logical function.

eight comments

you hit the nail on the head brother. 42 - 21-01-’13 11:29
black metal is gay metal
The guy failed his dissertation. black metal is gay metal - 23-01-’13 11:19
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Black metal is "masculine" in an exaggerated homosexual way, it's really a grotesque parody of stereotypical masculine tropes like the kitsch homoerotica of "Tom of Finland". fag - 24-01-’13 15:17
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if you think fake tits are sexy, you are not masculine or metal. you are programmed and weak. arha - 30-01-’13 19:28
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