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Black metal has been assimilated

10 01 13 - 12:14

We warned you years ago.
Black metal pretending it still has relevance beyond the standard rock-n-roll task of disgusting the elderly. Once upon a time, black metal actually scared people because it stepped out of the rock ghetto. Then, thanks to some entrepreneurial types in Scandinavia, UK and the USA, it became a form of rock music with a flavor -- a whiff -- of danger about it. Now black metal is the new emo for the 2010s and threatens nobody. They just tolerate it, knowing that eventually the discoordinated noise will end. Remember when black metal was noisy AND ALSO beautiful? That scares them -- that you might have found another way to live -- where simply disorganized noise scares nobody. In fact, it's repeating the same disorder that's found everywhere else in our society, and by doing so, affirming it. Tools of the system.


thats old news. black metal became assimilated somewhere around 1997 erd - 10-01-’13 16:52
straight forward bisexual
I'd like to assimilate my cock in your ass! straight forward bisexual - 11-01-’13 00:06
Who me? you've got it all wrong SFB

I'm not that type of guy. Dave - 11-01-’13 17:20
paula patton
i can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about this chick....


is that indo-european blood in you strong enough to resist this? paula patton - 11-01-’13 18:57
latino fan
latinos are so fucking sexy guy latino fan - 12-01-’13 00:23
ugly_mexican_heavily-tatooed_vampire_biker@ PAULA PATTON
lowly DOG! !!

bow your head




Satanico Pandaemonium ugly_mexican_heavily-tatooed_vampire_biker@ PAULA PATTON - 12-01-’13 06:11
Paula patton
Well would you hit it or not? Paula patton - 12-01-’13 09:58
Masta Blanda
Mexicans have dog faces. I'd much rather racemix with this girl:

Foreign girls are a lot more traditional than western women. Even if a foreign girl is westernized she will still be 100 times more loyal and honest than a white western girl. Having sex with white western women is like bestiality compared to sweet lovemaking with foreign girls. But damn, mexican women just don't do it for me, the structure of their skulls reminds me of dogs. The only other race I won't touch are aboriginals. Masta Blanda - 12-01-’13 15:47
Paula patton
Dude Paulas a mulatto...not a Mexican...

And would you hit it or not? Paula patton - 12-01-’13 20:35
Masta Blanda you are a degenerate scumbag and you make me sick. The girl in the picture you posted is hideous. She's not even pure african, can't you tell that she's mixed? The few attractive features she has are the result of her white heritage. The only race that is beautiful is the white race!

I'm proud to be white and I would never have sex with someone outside my race. But if I would then it would be with an aboriginal because at least they have a pure bloodline like me and I believe in the purity of race! Heino - 12-01-’13 20:39
>Once upon a time, black metal actually scared people

lol, maybe in Prozak's teenage fantasy land. Anti-Aspie - 13-01-’13 17:11
Black metal is music for homosexuals. It is the music of sexual deviants such as Gayhl and spat upon by those who form the strong traditional backbone of society. Listening to too much black metal will confuse you and make you gay! Anti-Gay - 13-01-’13 17:13
Lady Gaga
Nothing can make you gay. You're born gay and either accept it or live your life in denial. If a kid listens to Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam and it makes him curious to know what cock taste like then he was already gay. The black metal music and image might have given him the strength to admit he's gay but it didn't make him gay, he was born gay and learned to accept it through black metal music. Isn't that a positive thing? I think it's something we should all feel good about. Lady Gaga - 14-01-’13 05:12
Shut up Lady Gaga, you make me sick too! Your music is horrible and you represent everything that's wrong about modern women. Back in the good old days lesbians like you would be tied to the bed for days and raped repeatedly by all the men in the village! It cured them and afterwards they were no longer lesbians. So don't tell me about "being born with it" because that's a grotesque lie! Nobody is born degenerate, every baby is a gift from God and only the devil can pervert their purity and lead them into homosexuality! Heino - 14-01-’13 18:10
Lord God on High
I giveth thee prunes for I love thee.

Though you should eat grains in a balanced diet and run more often. Lord God on High - 15-01-’13 15:07
dad cant dance
We are the children of the bum
Our time has just cum
we are the children of the bum
some seminal fluids in our haiiiiiiiiiir dad cant dance - 15-01-’13 20:04
The culturally hegemonic homophobia permitted here is just sickening. Our democratic proletariat must step up their efforts to have this sort of divisive commentary banned from all public spheres. In this way, social tolerance can flourish. Dave (URL) - 17-01-’13 14:28
Your kidding yourself if you think Black Metal didn't scare anyone. Shit, it had Metal as a genre horrified that some stepped out from behind mic and actually "practiced what they preached", i.e church burning, murder, suicide etc. Beauty, horror and musicianship became synonymous. B166ER - 17-01-’13 15:57
Add Nietzsche's sisters' photo to the Heroes article, thanks,. HEY PROZACK, VEEJAY I SUMMON THEE - 17-01-’13 17:46
black meal gay metal
>Beauty, horror and musicianship became synonymous.

lol, you try too hard.

Wasn't the first nor the last time in history angry little delinquents did a bunch of stupid shit. Only that time they had a shittier soundtrack. black meal gay metal - 17-01-’13 18:34
Swedish guy with Irish ancestry and 1/8th Persian
One morning at about 4 o clock I was lying in bed asleep. Then suddenly I farted so loud that I woke myself up (and possibly the neighbors too) I was dreaming I was sucking on a huge tit, a tit that was twice the size of my head! It was actually a very pleasant dream but then suddenly the tit exploded and then I woke up because of the intensity my fart. My ass really hurt after that fart and there were shit stains in my sheets (I sleep naked) but because of the erotic nature of my dream I kept an erection for at least 20 minutes after waking up. I ended up masturbating while still lying in my shit stained bed even though my ass was still hurting. I kept fantasizing about the huge tit and I was very turned on by it. It didn't take me long to reach an immense orgasm, I had never climaxed so hard. But as my balls were fanatically squeezing out cum I started farting again, this time I farted so hard that I starting shitting while I was still cumming. And it was loud too, I never even knew my ass could produce such incredible noises. After that my bed was soaked in diarrhea and cum. Mind you it was only 4:30 AM by now. As I was laying there trying to fall asleep again I heard a rapid knocking on my door which annoyed the hell out of me because my orgasm had just made me feel nice and drowsy. After I opened my door to see who it was it turned out to be my next door neighbor, who by the way works as a police officer. He asked me if I could please stop farting so loud because it was waking him up. Then I realized that I had wrapped my cum and shit stained blanket around my waist and that there were still wet sperm stains on my chest. In fact, my ass was still leaking shit and I felt another fart coming up. I didn't know what to tell my neighbor, instead I quickly tried to shut the door in his face while holding in my fart. But the bastard put his foot behind the door and started pushing it open while I was trying to push it shut. While I was pushing against my side of the door I could feel the hot fart pressing against my rectum and sure enough during the struggle I began farting again. Another stream of diarrhea violently left my asshole, it was so hard that it blew the sheets right off my waste and I ended up naked and shitting during this situation. To make things worse my penis had become erect again. I decided to give up the struggle with my neighbor and stepped away from the door. At this moment my neighbor was still pushing the door so when I stepped away he flew through the doorway into my hall end landed face down in the fresh pool of liquid shit I had just created. He slid towards my legs and knocked me over causing me to fall on him with my face on his ass and my erection in his neck. We lay there for about half a minute completely silent. The awkwardness of the situation had caused us both to be at a loss for words. Then suddenly my neighbor farted, my face was still buried in his ass so his fart directly entered my mouth. I inhaled it deep and held it in for a while before exhaling. Then precisely when I inhaled again he farted again. This continued for a while and I began rubbing my dick against his neck and spreading his butt cheeks with my hands so I could bury my face deeper. After that we made love and he began teaching me how to control my farts. I've gotten much better at it and can hold my farts in for days now to reserve them for him alone. Our relationship is very special, it is the most important relationship I've ever had with anyone. All my life I could never control my farts and this led to many embarrassing situations. But now that I have found my soulmate I've never been happier! Recently I began working as a kindergarten teacher and I am actively trying to promote fart acceptance in the public sphere by writing a blog about my experiences. I would like to do much more so I began making leaflets to spread around at my work place and in my neighborhood. I think the lack of information about fart acceptance is frightening. It's 2013, we should all have equal rights by now. So if you read my story and you agree then copy and paste this on your facebook page! Swedish guy with Irish ancestry and 1/8th Persian - 17-01-’13 23:54
Tomas Haugen @ black meal gay metal
Some of you might remember that I accidentally ejaculated in my jeans at Wal-Mart a few months ago. Well, something similar happened and I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on how to prevent it in the future.

When the Wal-Mart thing happened, p00pymcp00perton PM'ed me about what he did after a similar incident (ejaculated when his tailor was getting an inseam measurement). He told me that the best way to avoid public boners is to wrap a rubber band around your testicles and snap it repeatedly for 15 minutes before you leave the house. After doing this, you have a window of 3-5 hours that you will not be physically capable of having an erection. Until recently, this approach was working great.

So, I had plans to go to the movies and a quick lunch with my neighbor and his grandma over the weekend. Since these plans were expected to require at least 4 hours in public, I decided to snap my nuts in a rubber band for 25 minutes. The extra time proved to be a big mistake.

15 minutes of a rubber band snapping on your gonads will prevent erections, but it turns out that 20+ minutes will actually cause (slightly delayed) erections. I had timed my nad-snapping to end just as my neighbor and his grandma arrived. Everything was going to plan until I felt a boner growing after about five minutes of riding in the backseat of her car.

I tried to just wait it out and think about dead puppies to make it go down, but that didn't work. Then I got nervous and started squirming around a little bit. My neighbor's grandma asked what was wrong, then turned around and noticed my obvious erection. I tried to hide it under the seatbelt, but the friction and movement caused more problems.

Then I ejaculated in the backseat of my neighbor's grandma's Prius.

Well, neighbor's grandma worked at a sperm bank in the 70s and can smell even the slightest hint of semen. She's like a bloodhound. She totally flipped out, pulled the car over, and told me to get out. Once I got out, she started screaming at me and calling me a weirdo for masturbating in the backseat of her Prius. I tried to explain about the rubber bands and Wal-Mart, but she wouldn't listen. After that I had to walk home with semen in my pants. And now none of my neighbors will let me ride in their cars.

Should I have done something differently? Is there another option (not Icy Hot lol) I can try? This is starting to get kind of embarrassing. Tomas Haugen @ black meal gay metal - 18-01-’13 17:18
I couldn't be more serious guy
Is Old Man's Child any good? Which of their albums should I start with? I couldn't be more serious guy - 19-01-’13 08:22
anus cant stop me
This is what real music sounds like faggots:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obJ21k3Hylo anus cant stop me - 19-01-’13 09:28
Everybody knows that Gorgoroth and Norwegian black metal are fucking great. But what about the following bands?

Silence Of Moonset
Malignant Eternal
Elysian Fields
Thy Repentance TBM - 20-01-’13 05:22
corrupt.org guy
Anus and Amerika.org suck mega cocks and are practically dead... We need Alex Birch and Martin Regnen to restore corrupt.org to its former glory. corrupt.org guy - 20-01-’13 15:39
Metal is a deadly cancer that is infecting the aryan genepool.
Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!
Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!

This is the New Law, the way it fuckin’ goes; from this day forward, heavy metal blows!
An obsolete music for long-haired losers; trailer park residents and toothless boozers!
Metal’s White Trash – The new genetic Race! It comes from bad breeding; you can see it in their face!

Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!

Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!

Sniffing glue in class, life’s a good buzz! Dumb as niggers – Heshers are thugs!
Cigarettes and flannel, “Wash your fuckin’ hair!” Dirtbag slob doesn’t have a care!
Metal’s for creeps – If you ask me it’s dead! Its only fans left are Beavis and Butthead!

Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!
Metal Sucks! Bang you head! Metal Sucks! Bang you head!
Until it’s fuckin’ bloody red! Until it’s fuckin’ bloody red!
Until it’s fuckin’ bloody red! Until it’s fuckin’ bloody red! Metal is a deadly cancer that is infecting the aryan genepool. (URL) - 20-01-’13 17:09
http://www.peta.org/cfs-filesystemfile.ashx/__key/CommunityServer-Components-UserFiles/00-00-00-21-28-Attached+Files/4544.2011_2D00_12_2D00_01_5F00_010_5F00_Caboodle-Ranch_5F00_Photo10.JPG DONT FOREGET DEATH, LEAVE THE PATH

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEEKBOO - 20-01-’13 21:23
Ethnic Cleansing play such incredible shitty music it's no wonder they are jealous of any band that can fit more than three riffs in their songs. Now please answer my previous question, what about the following bands:

Silence Of Moonset
Malignant Eternal
Elysian Fields
Thy Repentance

And I'm gonna add the following bands to this list:
Satanic Slaughter
Opera IX
Eibon (Singapore)

Are they worth checking out? I mean, I already have the mp3's but tell me what to think of these bands anyway! Would you consider them classics? TBM - 20-01-’13 23:51
This is the Internet. Why am I here? I can feel the hatred in the trees. Jizzsahn - 21-01-’13 11:38
every anus.com pos(t)er ever
>I already have the mp3’s but tell me what to think of these bands anyway!
>I already listened to the music but can you spoonfeed me my taste so I know whom to bash to seem cool on the internet? every anus.com pos(t)er ever - 23-01-’13 11:22
they suck @ TBM - 23-01-’13 11:27

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