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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Death metal as anti-leftism

31 12 12 - 13:50

Death metal does not necessarily lead to a greater pursuit of truth or goodness, but it may be a step in the right direction. Seeing the secular left hide from truth, many Death Metal bands sought to reestablish truth first - that is, in accepting once again the reality of death, misery and suffering that remain fundamental aspects of worldly life.

The modern world shuns reality and fills their lives with pleasant distractions, while the metal counter-culture youth instinctively rejects what they know in their heart to be lies. This is a rejection of appearances and an inversion of appearances. Where the left attempts to conceal their lies behind a mirage of good, the metal culture may conceal truth (and thus real goodness) by appearing bad. - Seeking Guidance

This is the nihilism of death metal: an ultra-realism based not in what is social or personal desire, but what is actually out there in reality.

four comments


I think Grave, Nile and Krisiun represent reality too...

Why don't you review their albums as well as Obituarys
Slowly we Rot? adrian - 02-01-’13 20:59
Does anybody actually take this site seriously?
Real real real real real real. Real real real real. Real real real real real.

Keep in mind Death Metal was pioneered and mainly performed by inebriated leftist teenagers. Does anybody actually take this site seriously? - 07-01-’13 12:59
Try as hard as he might, sir prolezak will never be able to hijack the pure anti-doctrine of metal into his sterile ideology. Metal is for the byronic man, not the man who likes to pretend he is a nihilistic black sheep while secretly knowing he would be more comfortable being told what to do by a moralistic totalitarian society. JP - 30-01-’13 22:38
dorkby dork
Yeah, right, totally,
third world trash immigrants, spics, nggers, (repressed) faggots, even a few jws, white working-class youths and trailer trash choosing to create 'music' while listening to oh-so-"progressive" rehashed left-wing garbage noise that no else does (DRI, MDC,.. virtually the same since the first Stooges, or, Bill Haley record...), joined by scandinavian white middle class kids with too much time on their hands while benefitting from the "merits" of social-democracy (play an instrument...right..but you don't need all that complicated, traditional music theory now, do ya?), all joining together to create something, that. all. sounds. the. same.... wow, how anti-leftism is that?

Deathmetal was probably some of the most left-wing non-political "music" in history.

I wonder why, if this website is so pro white and anti-leftwing, why do you push the deathmetal agenda while espousing the Suffocation/Sadistic Intent-fanboyism (which of course IS on the true old-school deathmetal agenda!).

Anti-leftism and pro-white non-mainstream attitudes in certain segments of underground metal died a lonely death more than ten years ago. As a not so white looking person I feel perfectly comfortable at metal shows and among metal fans which wasn't always exactly the case 10 - 15 years ago.

Guess why? Commercialism, blah, blah, but more importantly: information, internet, there is no escaping it these days. You can swell your chest with peagan pride all you want, after all, it's just rock 'n' roll and if you didn't do your thrash metal homework properly, you just look like a fool. And a poseur.
Get a life for fucks sake. And a G.B.H. record. Preferably as a limited first press collectible or in FLAC quality.

Well, at least those spics in Possessed were white.
Too many puuupiiiies. dorkby dork - 15-02-’13 14:31

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