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Alarm song

31 12 12 - 05:31

In what may be the greatest disease-driven loss of biodiversity in recorded history, hundreds of frog species around the world are facing extinction.

Frogs in the western United States are threatened, and Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean have been especially hard hit. Central American countries such as Panama are suffering a catastrophic decline.

The villain is a rather extraordinary fungus, an amphibian version of a case of athlete's foot from hell, with an impossible name, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which scientists call "Bd," a virulent, lethal fungus that has spread around the globe.

The little victims? Their pores clog, and they die of a heart attack. - The Independent

Human disruption of the ecosystem of the earth has prompted massive changes, including displacement of organisms that now become predators or parasites. What frogs need: more land. Land = time, and greater numbers with which to resist plagues.

five comments

Don't men have the right to pursue what they want providing it doesn't directly interfere with the individual desires of others? What your're actually suggesting goes against the very foundational principles of our civilization and you need to realise that WE ARE HUMAN AND IT IS IN OUR NATURE TO GET WHAT WE CAN OUT OF THIS WORLD TOO!

Besides the results of that study can't be proven to have directly resulted from human interference anyway.

I'm so sick of people blaming their own civilization for environmental destruction when it is in fact the one time in history so much is being done to conserve the environment and natural resource. I doubt if your 'traditional' societies would give a damn. Dave - 31-12-’12 17:41
Disregard that as I DO suck a good cock every now and then.. Dave - 31-12-’12 17:44
Fucking very well said Dave! don't even worry about these redneck assholes. Keep spreading the truth bro. That was so well said. Fuck! Tristan - 31-12-’12 17:47
Destroy everything that sucks
Here's some reality for you, anus.com. Frog's are pests. Good riddance! Maybe we humans can work on killing mosquito's next. I'll be glad to see those bastards go! Destroy everything that sucks - 07-01-’13 13:14
@ Dave
So who's more harmful to the environment? The Amish who use no electricity or the hipsters who think they're saving the environment because their laptop computers come with an "eco-friendly" sticker? @ Dave - 09-01-’13 12:00

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