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Happy HolidAIDS!

22 12 12 - 09:51

From "Happy Holidaids"

twelve comments

aspie life'
Always a classic. aspie life' - 22-12-’12 10:53
This is just more fascist religious intolerance disguised as humor. Apparently Judaism and Islam are segregated as unworthy of notice here at white supremacy headquarters. Not that a single national religion is anything but a form of isolationist cultural hegemony. But a blend of all religions in one country can't be oppressive. You right wing elitist need to get out more and read some books. Dave (URL) - 22-12-’12 19:33
And only the books that I think you should read. Believe what I believe or else be censored for hate speech, you fascists don't understand free speech at all. Dave (URL) - 22-12-’12 20:45
shit dikkk cunt

Shit my dikkk, you cunt. esotericisism - 22-12-’12 23:06
Your gonna have a hard time going about the way you go about things in the 'real world' in here Dave. Steele - 24-12-’12 07:07
You see, in here, we play 'the mammas and the papas'... Steele - 24-12-’12 07:08
In that case, I surely would like to play the part of the 'papa'. Dave - 24-12-’12 07:09
Well then, you get your ass over here and suck mamma's cock... Steele - 24-12-’12 07:11
.... Dave - 24-12-’12 07:12
...and I DO mean it... Steele - 24-12-’12 07:12
I actually really love you guys!
oh yes, I almost forgot to say HAPPY KWANZAAA fuckwits! I actually really love you guys! - 24-12-’12 07:27
right-winger anti-Davist
Dave needs more black cock in the ass,,, black cock that curves to the left! right-winger anti-Davist - 24-12-’12 15:43

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