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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Unleash your inner troll

05 12 12 - 17:24

Most of the people who come here attempting to troll are in fact humorless weenies who are attempting to justify their embittered lives by being outrageous and ironically ragey. They can't troll at all. A real troll would be able to take one look at this document and write something 500 times more provocative, and that's just before breakfast.

"...was the ass raping over, Christ, I hoped so..."

Unleash your inner troll. Write something good. It's not the national novel writing month (H.I.P.S.T.E.R.) but it's even better. Troll the world. Let it swelter in sodomy, horror, nihilism and violence.

eight comments

A well-written and executed troll is like a fine wine that takes time to appreciate and enjoy. Plus "trolls" here just post immature shit that isn't even funny.

The internet is just a useless medium where every idiot can post their worthless opinion on about anything. It's the domain of cowards, crybabies, social rejects, pseudo-intellectuals, perverts, etc. The original purpose was sharing information.

To this end in a real society the internet should be hard to access and maybe restricted to file access like the old days.

I remember when being able to setup a website(or blog) took technical knowledge, skill, time and money. Now every worthless idiot has a blog or useless website.

Even porn is trivialized now with the internet. When you can watch any act of depravity on demand.

In the past society was too under-indulgent and now it's too overindulgent. No natural balance. It just reflects our lack of wisdom as a species. Gayman - 05-12-’12 19:12
Jesus: the man, the angel, the devil.

Too esoteric? Levy|Spearmen - 05-12-’12 19:28
Disregard my last comment, I luv frot! and Conservationist is a fucking cockloving gay faggot! erd - 06-12-’12 18:40
the lol yay guy
hey guys, do u like me>? the lol yay guy - 06-12-’12 23:14
It's a grand plan that spans over more than one generation, obviously. erd - 09-12-’12 10:21
Support GANGDONG blacks metal rape metal China. Find on YOUTUBE. BMPRC - 10-12-’12 04:57
Alpha Slave
Ya know how ladies get wet for killers and then dudes get all upset? Well I was watching a program on The History Channel called 'The Most Evil Hot Chicks in History,' and I got really turned on by Elizabeth Bathory. They say she was a looker with really big boobs, but beyond that I have to admit I got turned on by her wanton and frivolous disregard for life. Most dudes would rationalize and say, "well, she was hot with big boobs, who cares that she liked to bathe in virgin blood?" But I think if you really are honest with yourself, you have to admit that there really is something specifically hot about her bloodlust and perversion. I kinda get where ladies are coming from. I would totally do Elizabeth Bathory. Alpha Slave - 11-12-’12 00:02
d3 gold
I'd like to find out more? I'd care to find out some additional information. d3 gold (URL) - 25-01-’13 14:06

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