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Ideology is oppression

24 11 12 - 18:40

Ideology by its nature must be contrary to reality. It is a substitution for reality by what we wish reality was, in the hope that our idea is as internal coherent as nature's and thus will stand the test of time (it almost never does). The result is that ideology creates within society like a tornado an inner group who make oppressive their wishful thinking.

Only through the right of association can humanity truly progress. Indeed, Dawson wrote, all of history is the struggle between the right of individuals within community and the imperialism of politics.

The modern state, Dawson continued, resembles really nothing in history. Instead, through the institutions of education, the military, and the bureaucracy, the modern state in all of its forms has become something new under the sun. Whereas the pre-modern state might achieve absolutism, the modern state can achieve totalitarianism. Whether democratic, communist, fascist, or national socialist, the modern state most resembles the medieval church in its ability to inspire purpose but antique in its understanding of God-kingships in its politics. Thus, rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s has gone well beyond what Christ warned about. The new state has destroyed the "commonwealth of free citizens" into a "hive or an ant-heap." In all of its forms, Dawson warned, the new state is "the totalitarian Anti-Christ." - The Imaginative Conservative

What Dawson fails to note is that the true Anti-Christ is a balance to Christ's overwhelming sappiness and beta-style preemptive submission.

What we have here is not deliberate evil in the form of a Satan, but evil by lack of paying attention to what's real, or delusion leading to disorganization.

The culprit is individualism. People get caught up in their wants, which like materialism itself seem more real than reality. They abandon a collective goal in pursuit of desires, judgments and feelings.

The result is that society loses its standards, and becomes relativistic and pluralistic, and in this "anything goes" environment, people always opt for the greatest short-term reward at the greatest long-term expense.

In other words, they defer reality. That just makes its eventual arrival certain to be a bloody mess.

two comments

if its a joke i aint laughing

This is on national tv. Protect your immediate people and yourselves always. if its a joke i aint laughing - 25-11-’12 11:39
if its a joke i aint laughing
Probably it was created as a parody of blaxploitation films, but most viewers aren't going to be sophisticated enough to know that, and obviously some people high up gave the go-ahead. if its a joke i aint laughing - 25-11-’12 13:03

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