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Nerd arrogance

25 10 12 - 14:59

Conversing with my college computer science peers (many of whom are quite nerdy), I have noticed that many of them are extremely arrogant. Upon introspection, I have come to the realization that I am also very similar to them and am very curious, but worried. I have noticed similar personality characteristics on Slashdot. Where does this nerd arrogance come from? - /.

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A little arrogance is not so bad. Life has ways of humbling all of us. If the arrogance is merited then perhaps it is a case of what merits it not being used to the utmost, pushed to the extremes of possibility. gg - 27-10-’12 12:09
Right on. If the stupid kids can be arrogant then the nerds should be twice as arrogant at least. Res (Email ) - 29-10-’12 18:49
It comes from staying alone and indoors,the lesss you interact with real world and philosophize with time u feel like god.... rr - 05-11-’12 05:51
ANUS crusher
>Accusing others of Nerd Arrogance

Yeah, because you don't do the same with metal (which is even more stupid, since listening to music is not a skill). ANUS crusher - 07-11-’12 05:19
I just watched the news on TV for 15 minutes and I feel like a genius. Perhaps nerd arrogance comes from being surrounded by stupid (average) people most of the time. AdultBabySmilez6969 - 02-12-’12 18:50

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