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I am more nihilistic than you

19 10 12 - 22:03

They think they have reached the ultimate: like anarchists, they believe in no structure.

No truth, no meaning, no communication.

And so all that's left is to take advantage of this time, be hedonistic, have allegiance to nothing.

This is not nihilism. It is still a religion. It is the religion of zealots.

Its god is the self, or rather, the impulses of the body. Just like almost every other populist religion, meme or doctrine...

I am more nihilistic than that.

I don't believe in you or me.

I believe only in the process of the cosmos, as I can find it to be true, and the continuity of all life.

The rest is monkey-drama, a monkey claiming that because he can touch himself, he is god.

Surely none of you are that dumb?

We are bits on a cosmic computer and nothing more. It is eternal because it has no time. It only is.

four comments

What happened to the Australian Nihilist Underground Society? RIP ANUS - 20-10-’12 17:55
Is it magically true that Christ is all at once a speck of infinite obscurity, serenely throned in Paradise, and mocked and scourged in Hell? Levy_Spearmen - 22-10-’12 19:45
Hi, I have an important question, to me at least. What happened with the website nazi.org ? I can't access it anymore. Is it down or is it just me that can't access it ?
Thank you. nazi.org - 23-10-’12 14:28
Have fun.
Wrong. The hedonist may be just as nihilistic. He may also believe "only in the cosmos"; there's nothing about that that says you can't be hedonistic. Or that you can. Belief in nothing doesn't have to influence your actions at all.

And just because someone is hedonistic doesn't mean they believe that they are god, or that the self is god, or that the impulses of the body are god. It just means that that's what they choose to focus on. There is a difference.

You as a nihilist can choose to focus on other things, but don't pretend that's dictated by "real" nihilism. Have fun. - 31-10-’12 11:10

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