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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

The dominance of singular ideology

19 10 12 - 21:41

Btw, it's not just microkernels. Any time you have "one overriding idea", and push your idea as a superior ideology, you're going to be wrong. Microkernels had one such ideology, there have been others. It's all BS. The fact is, reality is complicated, and not amenable to the "one large idea" model of problem solving. The only way that problems get solved in real life is with a lot of hard work on getting the details right. Not by some over-arching ideology that somehow magically makes things work. - Slashdot

This reminds me of the diversity, equality, peace and entitlement zombies.

"We've found a new way, it's better, or at least sounds better and everyone likes it!"

They don't tell you it requires an authoritarian ideology to enforce it, which is that equality becomes the law and any who transgress must be destroyed.

One idea. Replacing a whole reality. Liberalism.

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Hi, I have an important question, to me at least. What happened with the website nazi.org ? I can't access it anymore. Is it down or is it just me that can't access it ?
Thank you. Hey - 23-10-’12 14:28

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