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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Rebellion Against the Stagnant is the Ultimate Progress

18 10 12 - 19:05

Liberalism has died.

It died of broken promises; the social contract it created was one made between a social order and the individual to bypass reality in exchange for universal approval. Results are always bad, across the board.

France, 1789... after murdering the top ten percent of its population, it plunged itself into authoritarianism and wars it could not win, ultimately self-destructing to become known as the rifle-dropping surrender monkeys of Europe.

Russia, 1917... a paper tiger unleashed that was better at killing its own people than anything else.

The list goes on.

European socialism is collapsing not from economic factors, but from a lack of energy to carry on. It parasitizes itself, makes its people miserable, and so life has become pointless. Entropy sets in, thanks to equality.

In the USA, people are starting the revolution against the order we adopted in the 1930s out of fear of economic depressions. Liberalism does not cure depressions. Welfare does not cure crime. Pacifism does not cure war.

We must find another way, and not necessarily a new one -- the old ways we rejected were better than what we rejected them for.

Thus we learn, slowly. Very slowly.

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