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Don't let the death-propaganda drive you mad

14 10 12 - 19:27

Mr. Rationality, though, seems to have pulled it off. Most people over 65 have three or more chronic diseases, but he had only one – diabetes — until two months shy of 90, when he had a mild heart attack from which he has apparently recovered. My father maintains his checkbook and manages his medications, which have grown to three prescriptions instead of one. Though he uses a walker for balance, he isn’t functionally disabled as long as he lives in an elevator building and has someone to run errands. (That would be me.)

Some of his compressed morbidity — and how compressed it turns out to be depends on the unknowable, his eventual life span — is probably his own doing. He never smoked, never drank, maintained a normal weight (though without vigorous exercise), kept his mind engaged. But he also owes his longevity and relative health to sheer luck, the genetic roll of the dice. - "Reaching 90 With Only Three Prescriptions," by Paula Span

The media normally wants you to freak out and worry. Rest easy: it's in your genes and your choices. Don't go in for lots of medical care; just take care of yourself.

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nice one
nice post nice one - 14-10-’12 21:41
great guy
Chi gung works. great guy (Email ) - 15-10-’12 07:08
does anyone know if systema works?? Jason - 15-10-’12 15:36
FUCK CHRIST 卐 - 17-10-’12 04:25
To live this life even in the face of ultimate suffering. Oh Lord I accept this one GREAT GIFT! Levy|Spearmen - 17-10-’12 11:03

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