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Desert Island CD collection

05 10 12 - 18:29

From the DMU last.fm discussions:

Let's say that in the future, you have committed a heinous crime and have been sentenced to an unusual punishment.

Because your crime was non-violent, but because society wants you to be alone to think about what you've done, you are going to be isolated on a tiny (2 sq mile) desert island.

You would have adequate food and thanks to a portable nuclear generator, a small dwelling which is air conditioned and has a comfortable couch, good stereo and no outside interruptions. A computer will constantly monitor your health and mental state. You have no worries in life, but you're going to be there for five years.

You can bring a CD collection with you, but there's a catch. Every minute you spend bored is another hour added on to your life sentenced. If the computer detects that you are bored while listening, it will just keep racking up the sentence.

In other words, if you pick the wrong CDs, you could end up dying on this island. What CDs would you bring?

It would start with Carnage Dark Recollections and Morbid Angel's first three, the first three Deicide and everything Immortal did up through '98, but beyond that it's hard to measure.

eleven comments

Colonel Kurtz
Trans Europa Express
In the Nightside Eclipse
Hvis lyset tar oss
Bach - Brandenburg concertos
Beethoven Symphony Nr.9 D-mull (Furtwängler BPO 1942) Colonel Kurtz - 07-10-’12 22:09
Glad to see someone else recognizes the greatness of the seminal Immortal albums. I feel like they've fell out of metal's collective consciousness in recent years for whatever reason. Carnage is also a good pick. I might drop the third Deicide and replace it with the first Dismember album, maybe sneak in Enslaved's demos and first album... Batman - 07-10-’12 22:45
typical hipster indie metal dude
I would bring a big pink dildo and lots of anal lube. Also lots of magz with pics of hot men with big boners. After that I'd listen to my hipster-metal collection featuring Gojira, Mastodon, Boris, The Sword and all In Flames and gay Opeth of course! typical hipster indie metal dude - 08-10-’12 07:10

http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/14984/33629/?ba=bros EXTREME BEER - 09-10-’12 13:58
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of course click here to win - 09-10-’12 18:35
usual mental masturbation from the anus.com-hating loser.

@ertd thestrider (URL) - 09-10-’12 23:05
Take it easy faggot.

Necessity produce quality.

How can this be wrong?

of course Steele - 10-10-’12 17:16
disregard that, i kick cunts Steele - 10-10-’12 17:19
This whole set up is pretty fucking retarded. Ill take a musical instrument with basic use and care instructions and perhaps some spare parts over any cd collection any day. In my case i would choose a violin, viola, or cello.... or some other foreign bow and string instrument like an erhu. gg (Email ) - 13-10-’12 09:58
Dominating F@ erd the faggot
I would be utterly delighted to be explained how you consider the “if I was on a desert island..” anything else than juvenile mental masturbation. Go on, I’m listening.

I would like you faggot to explain me, why if you really the ide is juvenile and worthless, would you care to reply to it? Unless of course you relate to juvenile masturbations only you'd like to project yourself as more mature or of a superior intellect, which ironically, IS a juvenile mental masturbation.

Then again, you suck cocks and like hairy balls so I guess it's okay for you to be a retarded faggot. Also, go fuck your mother you little cunt!! Dominating F@ erd the faggot - 13-10-’12 15:22
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