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How to troll the music industry

22 08 12 - 06:47

I gave you roses
Even chocolate candy
Tell me what else should I do to get you out of them panties
Spend time, I tried to
Just count the things that I do
A couple of dollars for your ass
Hold that girl, I got you
And I'm even willing to pump it
You need a boost I'll jump it
I'll use my hand to unscrew your off-hand(?) and jump it myself
I'd like to help you with your sexual needs
And if I put this thing in you girl
I bet you will see
That it's good
If down the line you ever find a disease
And don't know who gave you the shit
You didn't get it from me


Girl, this dick is so clean
This dick is so clean that you can boil it in some collard greens
Girl, this dick is so clean
Girl, this dick is so clean that you can serve it with some lima beans
This dick is so clean
This dick is so clean that you can boil it in some collard greens
Girl this dick is so clean
It'll probably go good with your broccoli and cheese

- Devin the Dude, "Broccoli and Cheese"

Situation: pop music is vapid stupidity to distract people from their pointless lives.

Troll: embrace pointlessness.

fourteen comments

As is chocolate. pm (Email ) - 22-08-’12 12:41
Situation: You are an aspie.

Troll: Make you constantly painfully aware of this. bumblebee - 22-08-’12 16:51
death to an aspics
2 comments = no cares about this website. death to an aspics - 27-08-’12 09:49
FREE MARQUIS! DOWN WITH ANAL BIGOTRY! Diploshit - 28-08-’12 14:02

Trolling irrelevant poseur tweens. MurderChildren - 29-08-’12 14:11
hey wait a minute thats the lyrics of the new burzum album demos - 29-08-’12 14:46
No sympathy for the Jews and their Sit-in Holocaust. I definitely would not stand by as my mother, wife, and children were ripped from my arms and thrown down to be shot or draggeed down the other line of shambling feebles. I would die by Nazi hands, not starvation. Levy_Spearmen - 08-09-’12 09:33
While the greatest men of America, UK, Germany, Russia, etc. were dying, the elite Jews of those countries fled and their slaves were murdered all without any exertion on their part. Now Israel lays conqEUst to Palestine and glory to Yaweh. Levy_Spearmen - 08-09-’12 11:01
Who gives a potsdam where the gingerbread man is? 420 - 19-09-’12 15:49
a guy at my school got a pic up my skirt on his phone! It was the first time I didn't wear underwear. he showed a bunch a people and i cant live it down. how do i minimize embarrassment!? question - 25-09-’12 01:41
Hummm that's a tough one! I think this is a case where a lie is appropriate...

1. If it was up the skirt then your face is not in the picture so you can deny it is you.
2. You can say it is just a pix he got of the Internet and not you so he is a creep which he is.
3. You can say it was "Photo shopped" and the panty was removed.

Other than that you are not alone. Many many women do not wear panties as it is medically more healthful not to mention cooler and more comfortable. The idea of getting germs etc. is all BS. There are actually more reasons NOT to wear them than to wear them so you did nothing wrong. Just be more careful next time! answer - 25-09-’12 01:41
tiny midget
also i wanna fuck your pussy so give it! tiny midget - 26-09-’12 18:32
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