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19 08 10 - 04:39


Because bone marrow matches usually are made with a relative or someone with the same racial or ethnic background as the patient, multiracial people rarely have success.

For years, the medical community has pushed for increased donor registry among racial minorities to improve survival rates for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood diseases.

"The reality is that many organizations are afraid of addressing race period — they don't feel competent or comfortable — and when it comes to addressing mixed heritage issues, they don't want to go there, either."

The biological reason has to do with the body's response to infections, Beatty said. Because the world's ancient peoples were exposed to different diseases over millennia, each group developed different tissue antigens, substances that help fight illness.

The descendants of these peoples retain those highly varied tissue antigens, he said, making it tough to match the bone marrow of individuals from different ancestries.

Within that group, there are millions of possible ethnic mixes, and therefore millions of potential challenges for someone seeking a bone marrow match. Complicating the situation further, research shows that minorities have greater tissue variation than whites. Africans and their descendants globally have the most variation of any population in the world. - USA Today

And even more exciting:

According to a new study, that difference between European American and Korean customs is so powerful that it shapes the expression of biology: A genetic profile linked to empathy and sociability yields two very different behavioral outcomes, depending on the culture. WIRED