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Portrait of an Empire in Senescence

26 07 12 - 13:53

The economy is falling apart; there's no way to pay off the debts without sacrificing everything else. And yet they go on spending as if this were not the case, perpetuating the denial.

What helps them do that? Focusing on important issues, or at least distracting ones. We all love human rights because we fear for ourselves. The more our society fails, the more we fear.

And so those in power have a new distraction, which is busting people for pretend-racist tweets.

It helps us ignore that the foundation is rotted to point to a window that needs fixing.

The dangerous Nazi-fascist-Satan quote in question? "With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitos will be eating food from their own home."

A complaint about mosquitoes is worth destroying an athlete's career.

The hypocrisy of the West has never been more obvious, nor its origins, which come at a time when Greece is unable to even face the depth of its economic problems.

No wonder people watch television all day. It's less unreal than the "news."

four comments

Nationalism is bullshit... adrian - 26-07-’12 18:23
Cowboy Killer
Nationalism is sexy! Cowboy Killer - 27-07-’12 06:10

anti-nationalism is feel-good pseudo-rebellion....dude. Hadrian (Email ) - 27-07-’12 09:35
Ronny Corpsefukkker
Let's just deny the sheer amount of deluded and insane people lurking in every shadowed house and alleyway. Ronny Corpsefukkker - 27-07-’12 15:38

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