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16 07 12 - 19:58

In the last chapter Roth discusses the likely future of the West and the world. He estimates that the average American IQ will decline from 98 to 95 by mid-century. This may seem a small drop, but it will have dire effects for elites, because the percentage of Americans with an IQ of at least 120 will fall from 7.1 to 4.8. - Richard Lynn

This guy blames it mostly on third world immigration, while I argue for a problem of domestic fools outbreeding the smart as well.

Either way, when you've got 5% over 120s... no good idea will be recognized, but stupid ideas will be nearly universally lauded.

That's the entry point to permanent third world status.

five comments

Franz K.
Immigrants aren't stupid, and genetic diversity only benefits a people. They aren't the problem. Before emigrating, they also had 7.1 percent of people over 120, it's their children, I suspect, that will share the same fate as the entire future generations, over time. At first they might even be intellecually superior.

I blame epigenetics for this. It's a fascinating phenomenon: a person's surroundings can actually change the way his DNA is packed, accenuating certain genes. What is more interesting, there happens a 'microevolution' - the effects are hereditary, passed on to future generations. After 4 generations the change is complete and the DNA is altered. An example is a person with no genetic predisposition for athleticism of any kind who trains some sport. He can override his genetic 'fate' and become good at what he trains, however, the change will become evident in his son, who will probably be a 'natural'. Many families in the West have become very efficient at storing fat, a skill passed on to a future, even more morbidly obese nation. Even with an almost identical diet, people in regions where food abundance is novelty are not fat.

What about a nation who hasn't been using their brains for generations, ie the West? All the instant-solutions, easy living, copy paste philosophies and personalities, they are all intelligence suppresors, they discourage thinking, a dreadful chore for most people! Who wouldn't want to avoid thinking for themselves?
Sic transit gloria mundi occidentis... Franz K. (Email ) - 17-07-’12 02:46
In des Mondes blut gem Schein. "shining of the moon in blood according to" WDF?! - 17-07-’12 17:12
So, I got my face busted and I turned down medicare. FUCK YOU OBAMA! Levy_Spearmen - 17-07-’12 18:21
It is almost unreal how in a few years from now, I'll be so much much better than you than I am right now. Honetsly, why do you continue? Levy_Spearmen - 23-07-’12 21:24
Well if the dieoff happens right away I don't think the most intelligent of us wil worry anything. RUSSFaCE - 25-07-’12 13:58

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