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Mozart, or just twitchy?

15 07 12 - 16:03

Lucky for these despairing types, the prevailing wisdom suggests that such comparisons are unfair — prodigies are born, not made (mostly). Practice alone isn’t going to turn out the next 6-year-old Mozart.


Surprisingly, however, the study found that not all of the prodigies had high IQs. Indeed, while they had higher-than-average intelligence, some didn’t have IQs that were as elevated as their performance and early achievements would suggest. One child had an IQ of just 108, at the high end of normal.

There was something else striking too. The authors found that prodigies scored high in autistic traits, most notably in their ferocious attention to detail. They scored even higher on this trait than did people diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism that typically includes obsession with details.

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2012/07/10/what-child-prodigies-and-autistic-people-have-in-common/#ixzz20jdX9pev

Seems like there's a little re-defining of "prodigy" here to make IQ fit into the egalitarian spectrum, but otherwise probably accurate: obsessive people with great drive and natural talent tend to succeed.

ten comments

One child had an IQ of just 108, at the high end of normal.

...And 85 means your a fuckin genius. IMFUCKINGDUMB - 16-07-’12 02:52
Let's all just be emperor penguins with a birth survival rate of 95% and the desire to be a guaranteed food resource to the big fishies. Levy_Spearmen - 16-07-’12 03:01
you fucken fascists.
My IQ is actually exactly 108 you fucken fascists. - 16-07-’12 17:48
@you fucken fascists.
Yeah, well my IQ has an ampersand symbol in it. @you fucken fascists. - 16-07-’12 22:01
ya know, science
"Seems like there's a little re-defining of "prodigy" here to make IQ fit into the egalitarian spectrum"

It only seems like that to you because you want it to be that. You apparently want to define a "prodigy" solely by IQ, in which case the question would be moot. Sounds to me like they found an independent definition and then saw how it correlated with IQ. ya know, science - 17-07-’12 13:01
ya know, fuck off
A "prodigy" not defined by IQ? Like a down syndrome retard who can count to 10000000000000? ya know, fuck off - 17-07-’12 17:01
Aspie who KNOWS
You're a fag, Dave. Aspie who KNOWS - 17-07-’12 22:07
@the guy who thinks counting to 10^13 is a sign of intelligence
Yeah, actually, and if you'd read the article, you'd notice that they based it on actual accomplishments, which as most people know, don't perfectly correlate with IQ. @the guy who thinks counting to 10^13 is a sign of intelligence - 20-07-’12 12:44
Player Hater
We all know liberals just like to look at what happens 1% of the time rather than 99% of the time.

Let's say you race a stallion and a donkey, and for whatever reason the donkey wins. Even if this only had a one in a million shot of occuring liberals would paint this as the norm and not the exception.

Only when it's beneficial for them does IQ and race exist(i.e. to label whites as the "cancer of history", say that liberals have higher IQs, etc.).

So that's why the liberal will read this and walk away believing that most prodigies are not geniuses or burn out and don't achieve anything. While a logical person would say not every prodigy is a genius but you can safely bet a kid who reads Latin at age 3 has a really goddamned elevated shot of being one.

And for the Daves out there I don't believe in any political system, I just know I definitely don't believe their racialized Marxism. Player Hater - 21-07-’12 16:18

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeYpp2W0Y_U&feature=player_embedded#! Kwanga - 22-07-’12 21:11

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