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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Good synopsis

13 07 12 - 23:07

"That the documents are original is the most important thing," a middle-age woman, who refused to give her name, said upon exiting the exhibition. She called the czar's overthrow "a tragedy" and said she hoped for a restoration of the monarchy, "Russia's historical path."

Although memories of the Soviet Union have grown rosier under Vladimir Putin, a proud former KGB agent, many Russians see the Bolshevik Revolution as the start of a 70-year detour from their nation's path to becoming a developed, Western European-style state—"a normal country," as they like to say. For them, the Romanovs' death predicts the violence and misery of the Civil War, the Stalinist era and World War II, and provides fertile ground for counterfactual fantasies in which the monarchy or the progressive government that overthrew it survives. No Gulags, no purges, no terrors, maybe. - WSJ

A good synopsis that applies to the history of the modern era: we were heading upward with the kings. We thought there was an easier way with the prole revolution. It was instead a massive detour into failure. Now we hope for the monarchy to return.

five comments

People have forgotten why they want to continue breathing. Their actions compared to their thought is contradictory. HITLER^(!!!
420LOL CYCLOPS024 Levy_Spearmen - 14-07-’12 02:29
Brett Cuntens
Only ANUS could twist an anti-communism article into a pro-monarchy article using their own special brand of cognitive dissonance.

These "western nations" the lady would be talking all made the transition from monarchies into democracies. If she thinks the lesson to be learned is that the only alternative to corporatism is Kings and Queens then that just shows why there has never been hope for Russia. Brett Cuntens - 15-07-’12 03:42
Brett Cuntens
On the other hand I should really meditate why everyone keeps mentioning the dunning kruger effect every time I come here to make an ass of myself. Brett Cuntens - 15-07-’12 10:15
Brett Cuntens
On the other hand I should really remove this big black cock from my ass before I get AIDS. Brett Cuntens - 15-07-’12 14:40
BBC says Yes
check it out, the mainstream approach to social inequality:


this is actually a cool article since it also touches upon the effects of the Internet on the decision-making process inside a social hierarchy.

in any case, kings are good - they can make the decision process more efficient (like the Big Man in the article), but only when they take the correct decisions.

i believe the future lies in genetically engineered "kings" to take the best decisions for us - countered by some sort of safety mechanism to remove them from power if they decide to follow their more evil traits of character. BBC says Yes - 16-07-’12 15:00

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