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Stockholm syndrome writ large

07 07 12 - 10:06

A provocative new study suggests that dissociation is associated with one form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Researchers discovered dissociation is often associated with unique PTSD symptoms of derealization, the feeling that one’s surroundings are unreal or unfamiliar, and depersonalization, or the feeling that one’s body is unfamiliar or strange. - PsychCentral

This explains most of the modern population, although their shock is the result of many small things adding up to a picture of confusion and doubt, not a single traumatic event.

It's like the Stockholm syndrome writ large. First disassociate, then in order to maintain the disassociation, bond with and defend that which is causing your problem.

At the end of the day, talking monkeys with car keys.

eleven comments

Bent Cuntens
"At the end of the day, talking monkeys with car keys."

What does this even mean? Bent Cuntens - 08-07-’12 23:00
i still dont want to ho back to africa... whatever - 09-07-’12 05:27
meant to say go... oops - 09-07-’12 05:28
LOL YAY!!!!!!
@Bent Cuntens
It means your Dad's scrotum is sucked dry from the fucking blow job you gave him. @Bent Cuntens - 10-07-’12 07:32
Persona non gratis
Interesting that a website that cherishes free speech, deletes comments that provide concrete arguments against them, and keeps the one's that make them look good, the trolls.. now written in history.

Anyways. The point was that mental disorders seem to increase with intelligence, or at-least the more intelligent are alienated, as per evolution. Defense mechanisms become disorders like Dissociation, which have manifested themselves clearly in many writings of people like Julius Evola, or Friedrich Nietzsche.

Basically, the person who writes these articles is nothing but a conformist to a conservative political system that fails to fit events in reality, and always comes up with errors and paradoxes akin to the bible. Persona non gratis - 10-07-’12 19:39
Yay I is a critic!
It's _persona non grata_, dumbass. Yay I is a critic! - 11-07-’12 02:14
That you point that out means you have no life/are sedentary/live indoors etc. Lighten up. Ha - 12-07-’12 16:41
Persona non gratis is correct, as well as grata, btw. You lose. Nonetheless - 12-07-’12 16:42
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