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An Asian origin for humanity?

04 06 12 - 16:11

Researchers agree that our immediate ancestors, the upright walking apes, arose in Africa. But the discovery of a new primate that lived about 37 million years ago in the ancient swamplands of Myanmar bolsters the idea that the deep primate family tree that gave rise to humans is rooted in Asia. If true, the discovery suggests that the ancestors of all monkeys, apes, and humans—known as the anthropoids—arose in Asia and made the arduous journey to the island continent of Africa almost 40 million years ago. - AAAS Science

Interesting. Africa could be a kind of reflector of life, creating radical diversity that then goes out and is absorbed by other parts of the species.

three comments

Not likely.

This is just the usual elitist special interests attempting to subvert settled anthropology for their classist aims.

You all may recall how Franz Boas, who established anthropology completely debunked the skull measurements used in scientific racism in its hateful attempt to show how all human beings are different to justify resource denial against large portions of the population.

Stephen Gould poured his heart into stopping the injustices of just this sort of scientific racism as well.

The highly esteemed award winning author and columnist Mr. Tim Wise is another stalwart defender of humanity against vile hatred of just this sort.

Face it, the dividers have lost all of the moral and scientific factual battles. Our theory of progress is founded on the loving idea against all thieving inequities and elitist divisions that all humanity is an inseparable One against the ravages of everything else in life.

This is our world and anyone who likes it needs to leave right now because there is no place for your intolerance. Dave - 04-06-’12 21:18
you would better think of your own intolerance, Dave.... also read Matthew 7:5

Your highly esteemed author suck ass, Dave, and everyone knows it. you would better think of your own intolerance, Dave.... also read Matthew 7:5 - 05-06-’12 02:49
Buttercup Dew
Dave, Fringeelements deals with Stephen Gould's fraudelent work in his videos on Wacism.

go watch it faggot Buttercup Dew (Email ) (URL) - 14-06-’12 10:23

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