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Bill White trolling Federal Government

24 05 12 - 14:08

On Faceplant, Bill White asks:

When will the press mention the following:

  1. That White's appellate attorney was bribed by the federal government into not filing his appeal to the Fourth Circuit en banc;

  2. That a group within the federal government was plotting to assassinate White because they hold him accountable for the Lefkow killings;

  3. That all of this is on record with supporting documentation in several cases in the Eastern and Western District of Virginia and in the Roanoke City Courts, but the United States has been fighting desperately to have it all suppressed;

  4. That all of the civil attorneys facing White except Tony Troy and the Judge in the Eastern District, Rebecca Smith, all recused themselves from White's case after reading the file released by the US Attorney's Office, in fear White was going to kill them.

Is that information something the public wants to purchase? No, I don't think so -- they want a superman versus the meanies narrative.

In the meantime, the American press is being useful by re-printing press releases for profit:

White, the former self-proclaimed commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party who is on supervised release after serving 2 1/2 years in prison following a 2009 federal conviction of making threats, left his Rockbridge County, Va., home without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, senior inspector with the U.S. Marshal's Office in Roanoke, Va.

"We're actively looking for him," Donelson said, adding that regular contact with supervising officials is a condition of White's probation.

White was convicted of threatening people who unknowingly offended his sense of white superiority, The Roanoke Times said Thursday, including apartment residents in Virginia who sued their landlord for discrimination, a college diversity administrator in Delaware and a Missouri bank employee who handled White's credit card account. - UPI

Tom and Jerry.

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sick trolling: an example
http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/harvard-apologizes-including-unabomber-alumni-directory-192547071.html sick trolling: an example - 26-05-’12 00:53

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