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A society drowning in lies

21 05 12 - 11:24

Late Stage societies tend to be very social, which is why they turn to democracy. Does this make them blind?

People who rate themselves as having high emotional intelligence (EI) tend to overestimate their ability to detect deception in others. This is the finding of a paper published in the journal Legal and Criminological Psychology on18 May 2012.

...Although EI, in general, was not associated with being better or worse at discriminating between truths and lies, people with a higher ability to perceive and express emotion (a component of EI) were not so good at spotting when people were telling lies.

Professor Porter says: "Taken together, these findings suggest that features of emotional intelligence, and the decision-making processes they lead to, may have the paradoxical effect of impairing people's ability to detect deceit.

"This finding is important because EI is a well-accepted concept and is used in a variety of domains, including the workplace." - Science Daily

It could even lead to a soulless, empty society drowning in lies that are substitutes and imitations of once-meaningful activities:

London's Hayward Gallery will gather together 50 ''invisible'' works by leading figures such as Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for its display of works you cannot actually see.

...Also in the exhibition will be Warhol's work Invisible Sculpture - dating from 1985 - which consists of an empty plinth, on which he had once briefly stepped, one of many explorations of the nature of celebrity.

Another, 1000 Hours of Staring is a blank piece of paper at which artist Tom Friedman has stared repeatedly over the space of five years, and another by the same artist Untitled (A Curse) is an empty space which has been cursed by a witch. - The Telegraph

For us to be equal, we must call retardation genius and genius retardation. Flipper for me!

three comments

Just sayin...
Give the Nazis all the hate you want at least they knew to burn degenerate books and ban retarded art like this. Just sayin... - 22-05-’12 14:21
great guy
Well... it is kind of cool... in a way... i mean there is a right approach and a wrong approach. The wrong... is the obvious one: nigs trying to get away with shiz. The right would be in the potential for someone to wake upthrough some twisted irony and realize how much might be possible if they devoted their whole life to something... especially without it being in the realm in doing it for instant gratification. If you can stare at space for 5 years ect.... great guy - 22-05-’12 15:44
great guy
Then certainly you can do something you really love for ...longer... and reach its higher levels great guy - 22-05-’12 15:46

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