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Anti-colonialism is worse than colonialism

20 05 12 - 09:58

Where vestiges of local and ethnic identity existed and resisted the hard power of Colonialism, the soft power of Modernity now seeks to homogenize all national and ethnic identities by sublimating them in an egalitarian and Universalist system. - "Rethinking Colonialism," by Siryako Akda, Alternative Right

That's what equality means: destruction of the higher so the lower can feel safe.

four comments

Brett Cuntens
"That's what equality means: destruction of the higher so the lower can feel safe."

Quick, somebody call Websters! Brett Cuntens - 20-05-’12 11:00
Brett Cuntens
Life is a miracle.

When my mom was raped by Pastor Dave she thought of committing suicide but, she didn't and I was born.

Life is a miracle!

When Pastor Dave raped me, well, I pretty much love it!

Life is a miracle! Brett Cuntens - 20-05-’12 17:54
heart of darkness
tout à fait vrai ! heart of darkness - 24-05-’12 12:28
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