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Biological basis of liberals

19 05 12 - 08:47

But sometimes tapeworms take a wrong turn. Instead of going into a pig, the eggs end up in a human. This can occur if someone shedding tapeworm eggs contaminates food that other people then eat. When the egg hatches, the confused larva does not develop into an adult in the human’s intestines. Instead, it acts as it would inside a pig. It burrows into the person’s bloodstream and gets swept through the body. Often those parasites end up in the brain, where they form cysts.

The tapeworm larvae often get stuck in ventricles, or fluid-filled cavities, in the brain, sprouting grapelike extensions. In this way the worm actively cloaks itself from immune cells. Protected and well fed, its cysts can thrive there for years.

As a tapeworm cyst grows, it may push against a region of the brain and disrupt its function. - Discover Magazine

Liberalism, SUV driving, etc. explained.

two comments

Brett Cuntens
I can also link to a news article about parasites and draw a comparison to whatever bogeyman I have these days but unfortunately I wouldn't want to insult the intelligence of my audience. Brett Cuntens - 19-05-’12 13:00
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