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An ideal revealed by eroded materiality

18 05 12 - 00:37

But some of the planned talk, at 5 p.m. in Chapman's Irvine Lecture Hall, will focus on one of his other strange results: that a long series of gentle or "weak" measurements can reveal information many physicists consider off limits, forbidden by the nature of physical reality.

These weak measurements, Aharonov said, suggest that the present is a kind of collision between information from the past and from the future.

And it could well explain another bizarre effect in quantum physics. Subatomic particles can appear to be in two or more places at once; in reality, Aharonov said, a given property of the particle, say, its spin, might be separated from the particle itself.

He calls it it the quantum Cheshire cat effect, a reference both to Lewis Carroll and to a famous physicist, Erwin Schrodinger. - OCR

If an order exists between impetus and event, it might well look like a bridge between past and future.

One comment

Brett Cuntens
How does this help us kill everyone who:

- is under 120 IQ;
- doesn't appreciate black metal;
- doesn't think gays should hide quietly in their homes;
- doesn't strive for that vague "goal" or those vague "values" Brett keeps mentioning?

Waste of space post IMO.

By the way I have a better idea than killing everyone under 120 IQ. It hit me this morning, let me run it by you. Why not kill everyone under 180 IQ? Wouldn't the world be much better than if it was full of 150 IQ proles?

Also we should give everyone a swimming pool and a skateboard. Please tell me if you think the world would be a worse place if everyone was over 180 IQ and had access to their own swimming pool and a super sweet skateboard, I dare you. Brett Cuntens - 18-05-’12 02:24

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