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Arranged marriages: better than chaotic divorces

17 05 12 - 12:37

Most Westerners may think the concept of arranged marriage is backward or antiquated -- and if you watch the old Indian movies, it can come across that way: two people meet once, or not at all, before their wedding day and then are forced to make a marriage work without even being consulted about their partner. In my family, at least, that was rarely the case. My parents met and spoke before their wedding day in India and were asked whether they each saw a future with the other. - CNN

Not as demonic as portrayed.

seven comments

Dick Cockman
Why don't you put a computer chip in everybody so you can remotely control every action they do? Dick Cockman - 17-05-’12 13:58
Still, feel free to arrange some marriages. I'm sure both your female readers will be thrilled.
Not as demonic as portrayed by the country's own cinema, apparently. So observers can be forgiven for having a demonic impression.

Also, the columnist only claims to know about her own family, and only for the past 3 generations. Hardly a representative sample of arranged marriage as a whole. Still, feel free to arrange some marriages. I'm sure both your female readers will be thrilled. - 17-05-’12 14:41
Well I can't speak for others but I am in an arranged marriage as are most people in our community and it has worked for us 95% of the time, mind you there are many other factors at play that influence whether or not a marriage will work. I do feel sorry things don't often work out so well in western countries. Shakuntala - 17-05-’12 17:00
For a change the article is fine but the first two comments are pure cultural chauvenism pretending to be liberal. Sorry but your disguised supremacist bigot opinions will not be ignored. Dave (URL) - 17-05-’12 17:55
Brett Cuntens
ANUS sympathises with arranged marriages because it's the only way they will get laid and find a woman.

Different systems, both have their advantages I am sure, but I prefer the system that comes with the civilisation that build the modern world. That lends it some deal of validation. Brett Cuntens - 18-05-’12 02:18
If you institute arranged marriages, you better also make divorce taboo or else it's like leaving the key in the cell door. Anyway I would think parents that love each other are more likely to love the kids (especially when the kid takes after one parent more than the other)and the kids turn out healthier. So I'm against arranged marriages, however I would support making it taboo for a couple to divorce after having kids. There are other means of class insulation. idea - 18-05-’12 08:41
Brett Cuntens
Yes, we better deign it from our heavenly cloud where whatever we think becomes reality that we would have arranged marriages but make divorce taoo as well. Also from this same Cloud of Mystical Manifestation we should also kill everyone under 180 IQ and give everyone a cool skateboard and swimming pool. Brett Cuntens - 19-05-’12 04:33

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