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15 05 12 - 09:35

What might its founding principle be?

I believe in the benefits of localism as a more traditional economic model. We’re trying to revive an understanding of the dignity and capacity of the person who becomes a steward of free-market principles. Localism is natural to agriculture. In Nebraska, we have a growing desire among the next generation to farm, but some don’t have access to the types of capital and landholding necessary to get their foothold. We should encourage an entrepreneurial movement that gives young people the chance to work the land without a lot of overhead getting in the way of their start-up. We need to reconnect farmers to families, urban to rural, and strengthen local economies, while upholding the extraordinary success of production agriculture as well. - TAC

And so:

Conway ends by quoting Mill’s Representative Government in which the philosopher observed: “Free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of different nationalities. Among a people without fellow-feeling… [e]ach fears more injury to itself from the other nationalities, than from the common arbiter, the State. Their mutual antipathies are generally much stronger than [their] jealousy of government.”

Mill is one of the most important figures in liberalism, yet one rarely hears this paragraph quoted today. One of the strange things about "diversity" is that, as it has become a moral cornerstone of people's worldview, people who call themselves liberals will sacrifice almost any freedom to defend it. - The Telegraph

Liberals want absolute individual freedom. This requires no standards; if there's a standard, including reality, the individual is restrained by it. The ego wants more, and more.

five comments

Localism is boring. Get rid of it wherever it is and replace it with capitalism. Fuck the collective; support the INDIVUAL! Devamitra - 15-05-’12 15:11

Sorry. Devamitra - 15-05-’12 15:12
Localism is exciting! Bring it about wherever it is absent to replace capitalism. Fuck the individual; support the COLLECTIVE! Devamitra - 15-05-’12 18:48
Brett Cuntens
"Liberals want absolute individual freedom."

No we don't, fuck off. Brett Cuntens - 16-05-’12 01:49
Brett Cuntens
"Liberals want absolute individual freedom."

Yes we do, fuck me. Brett Cuntens - 16-05-’12 11:05

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