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Denial of truth about nationalism

14 05 12 - 11:19

This isn't about race -- it's about a peoples' right to exist without being ground into grey, cultureless, neurotic, oversocialized drones like the rest of them.

Look, there is no need for Americans to stop living in denial. Race has been in the DNA of America since its founding. Slavery. Formation of our precious U.S. Constitution. The Civil War. Reconstruction. Jim Crow. The turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement. Integration. Busing.

Pick the subject and we've had to contend with the issue of race. I was only speaking truthfully to what so many Americans love to ignore.

But hey, don't believe me. Here is what Republican star and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had to say about race in America on CBS's "Face the Nation" in 2011:

"It is a birth defect with which this country was born out of slavery; we're never really going to be race blind. I think it goes back to whether or not race and class -- that is, race and poverty -- is not becoming even more of a constraint.

"Because with the failing public schools, I worry that the way that my grandparents got out of poverty, the way that my parents became educated, is just not going to be there for a whole bunch of kids. And I do think that race and poverty is still a terrible witch's brew." - CNN

Oil and water don't mix, so blame water or oil. Don't blame the mixing.

Wong's career at the Globe came to a screeching halt in the fall of 2006, after she wrote a front-page article for the Globe in which she posited that the fatal shooting at Montreal's Dawson College, as well as two other school shootings in Quebec, may be related in some way to the fact the shooter was not of pure Francophone stock.

She suggested that while the shootings were carried out by mentally disturbed individuals, "all of them had been marginalized, in a society that valued pure laine," using an antiquated term for French racial purity in Quebec. - CTV

Attempt to tell the truth and society goes into a panic until the witch is driven out.

six comments

not Dave, not Negrovodou
If you're wanting to create nations according to race, among other things, then how is that not at least partially "about" race? Or are you saying it's not about racial hierarchy? not Dave, not Negrovodou - 14-05-’12 12:42
Race disappears after we get rid of the right wing elitists and the social constructs they create to be better than everyone. I don't care how they are eliminated. The intolerance and hate for fellow people must stop. Dave (URL) - 14-05-’12 15:16
Welsh Sheep Fucker
Does anyone still think Dave is actually a genuine poster? He's obviously meant to show the logical inconsistencies of Leftist thought... Welsh Sheep Fucker - 14-05-’12 21:46
The people here and at Amerika.org are so insecure about their beliefs they censor every contrary opinion. This is a sad fact.

The only grey race are the people who congregate here to listen to whom Brett Dickface is calling worthless at whatever moment in time. That "Dave" is not Dave, but a troll - 15-05-’12 06:42
not Dave, not Negrovodou
Speaking for myself, I only accept things to be true when I can reach their conclusions on my own or look at my own life experience and find a match. That doesn't mean I consider anything that makes my head hurt false and evil, just that I'm uncertain about them. And there are a lot of intelligent people on the forum who are far from sheeple. not Dave, not Negrovodou - 15-05-’12 07:33
I want the real Dave back
I'm so sick of this nerd and his insistent talk about race. Boy, Trayvon Martin must have really pissed him off. Jeez!!! I want the real Dave back - 15-05-’12 15:07

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