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Moral purity

16 08 10 - 19:45

We're used to binary morality from Christianity, which is based on the dualistic system that thinks there's a perfect world out there we need to emulate, and we know it's a tool for manipulation. It doesn't change how you think about the world, but the methods you use on it, and it prefers neutering methods so you can do nothing but buy stuff, go to church/go to a bar, waste your time on TV and go to your job (and vote of course).

However, morality itself is a more complex realm. You can have natural morality, derived from an optimal response to the eternal aspects of being alive, as this guy discovered:

My friend, who I’ll call “D,” actually expressed some regret about his promiscuity. He said he felt as though it deprived him of some of his value as a partner in a long-term relationship, and had introduced an element of cynicism to sex itself. - The Spearhead

All those moral rules inherited through Christianity from our Pagan forebears, including Nordics, Germans, Greeks and Romans (in healthier times)? They're common sense.

But why care if you act like a cretin, or if you desensitize yourself to life?

Here's why, silly:

Henry Kissinger’s old witticism about Europe’s having no phone number is more relevant than ever. What happened? One can cite a number of factors: the persistence of nationalist egoism; the excessive importance of the EU’s two major founders, France and Germany; Great Britain’s aloofness and readiness to follow Washington’s instructions; the imbalance created by the influx of former Soviet satellites. But more decisive than any of these reasons is that since the end of World War II, Europe has been tormented by a need to repent.

Brooding over its past crimes (slavery, imperialism, fascism, communism), Europe sees its history as a series of murders and depredations that culminated in two global conflicts. The average European, male or female, is an extremely sensitive being, always ready to feel pity for the world’s sorrows and to take responsibility for them, always asking what the North can do for the South rather than asking what the South can do for itself. Those born after World War II are endowed with the certainty of belonging to the dregs of humanity, an execrable civilization that has dominated and pillaged most of the world for centuries in the name of the superiority of the white man. - City Journal

You mean that if Europeans did ten million good things, and ten bad ones, we're going to zoom in on the bad ones? Yep, that's it. Why?

We have no forward direction, no mountains left to climb, nothing left to conquer! As a result, we've become neurotic and inward-facing. But even more, we distrust ourselves because we know of our decadence. We are hedonists, sluts, whores to convenience and it has made us lie so much to ourselves that we don't trust ourselves.

I know humans and, they don't really give a damn about the genocides of the past. No one does. Some pretend to so that they look sensitive in front of women, not realizing that the only woman who wants a man like that wants to dominate and own him. But all this posturing about guilt? It's there because we want a solid reason for our self-hatred.

I think it's even simpler than that: we know we've been behaving like fools.