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Breivik needs you as a pen pal

01 05 12 - 07:34

Anders Behring Breivik
Postboks 150
1332 Østerås

four comments

Fuck Weev
Brevik is a subhuman failure. Fuck Weev - 02-05-’12 16:49
Aryan, but not racist!
I'm not so sure about subhuman, but I don't think he really gives a rat's ass about any pen-pal and any human being beside himself. I'm pretty sure he spent one of his summers playing computer, and I don't think he ever recovered. His manuscript is a mess, and he even cried when watching his awful video (I mean, listen to that music!) in court. If Anus becomes Breivik supporters, this site is sure going down the drain, what's next, the defence leagues? http://modkraft.dk/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/Freja.ROV_.stort_.jpg Aryan, but not racist! - 03-05-’12 13:53
Brett Cuntens
Breivik is scum and a moron who copies the methods and goals of those who he claims to hate. Brett Cuntens - 04-05-’12 21:04
"If Anus becomes Breivik supporters, this site is sure going down the drain..."

ANUS have been supporting him for a while now. And you're right, it has gone down the drain. Brian (Email ) - 07-05-’12 12:09

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