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Trayvon died for our sin

01 05 12 - 07:33

How many people know what Trayvon died for?

He died for our sins. Our sins of talking up diversity in public, then running away to white suburbs in private.

You can't tell me that our leaders are living out their ideals. They all send their kids to white private schools, live in white neighborhoods, go to white churches...

"Mix It Up At Home" is a new program designed to make people stop being hypocrites. We want to mix up the neighborhoods, so there are no "white" neighborhoods and so the Trayvons of the future can go anywhere without being racially profiled as "not being from around here."

We're watching and we're counting. If all your neighbors are white, and you don't have many who are of a different skin color, religion, gender or sexual preference than you, then you're not mixing it up.


three comments

used to be a crow
How cute, the leftards think they're "making a difference." used to be a crow - 01-05-’12 23:55
used to be a crow, now I'm a soaring eagle
My kids attend a multicultural school in a multicultural area of town. What the hell are you talking about, Brett?

Multiculturalism is the greatest thing America has. used to be a crow, now I'm a soaring eagle - 02-05-’12 16:48
multiculturalism is the only thing america has, in a manner of speaking... kaw! - 02-05-’12 17:31

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