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Europe and USA

27 04 12 - 21:15

Why do such different places have the same problem?

3. France and America have more in common than just high unemployment.

Immigration, race and the assimilation of France's large Muslim community have been prominent issues leading up to the election, even before the March shootings by an Islamic extremist in Toulouse and Montauban.

Sarkozy has been tough on immigration. Last year, a law went into effect banning Islamic face coverings in public places, the so-called burqa ban. And in a recent television interview, Sarkozy said France has "too many foreigners" and that the country is not integrating them properly.

Sarkozy won the 2007 election by taking a strong stance on race, according to political analyst Simon Persico from the Center of European Studies. But Le Pen, this year's far-right candidate, says Sarkozy hasn't been strong enough while in office.

"Le Pen is saying the original is better than the copy, and that voters should not believe Sarkozy on race," he told CNN. - CNN

Constant racial antagonism; nationalism rising.

Why are both sides of the Atlantic so confused?

Maybe we got our hands on a bad batch of ideology around 1789.

Your move, France.

nine comments

gay nigger
LOL, France's move: give the right to vote to foreigners - says Francois Hollande.

I think that until we see some civil bloodshed like with the Huguenots in the 16th century there won't be any Muslim evacuation from Europe anytime soon. gay nigger - 28-04-’12 04:41
Rip Van Winkle
I have only one thing to say: I have read the articles section of this website so many times over that I'm beginning to find each page too familiar.

Will Anus ever have new articles written? Rip Van Winkle - 28-04-’12 22:08
Brett Cuntens
DURRRRRR MUSLIMS Brett Cuntens (Email ) - 29-04-’12 03:12
Buttercup Dew
"Recently Nicolas Sarkozy announced plans to pursue a vigorous policy of diversity and métissage. Concretely, this means giving preference to minorities in job hiring and prosecuting those who do not comply. In other words, affirmative action as a government policy from which none are exempt.

In his message Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, that there will be dire consequences if they don't, and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country. Thus he amalgamated the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring with that of the need for the French to intermarry racially." - Brussels Journal

http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/3764 Buttercup Dew (URL) - 29-04-’12 11:51
actually the best solution is watching plants grow under the tear blue sky
now that was a killer link...

yeah, Sarkozy is a professional liar, he even lied in this campaign (I was at Fukushima!), but he's still the better option than having a Leftist take the reigns. They're both hypocrites (even Hollande had to say these days immigration should not be increased) but a solution of the Right is better for France.

Le Pen would rule but it sux she's not for a United Europe. actually the best solution is watching plants grow under the tear blue sky - 30-04-’12 06:01
you are all retards
le pen is not right wing. neither is hollande or sarkozy or any other mainstream french candidate. they are all left wing protectionist statist parties who may have diverging opinions on immigration and the EU. you are all retards - 30-04-’12 16:35
Fuck your mom
Sarkozy isn't French, he's a crypt-jew. Who's retarded now? Fuck your mom - 30-04-’12 17:14
Brett Stephaun
Why does this douchebag writer constantly bring up the French Revolution and 1789? Didn't the American Revolution influence the French one? Isn't that the reason they gave us the Statue of Liberty Brett Stephaun - 30-04-’12 17:28
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