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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

How Baby Boomers ruined everything that came after them

19 04 12 - 18:30

Kids are emboldened by this permissiveness, she adds: “The kids figure their parents were experimenters back in the day, and so why shouldn’t we be?” - AP

Once one generation decides to go extreme, there's nowhere to go but down.

Communism, hedonism, lack of metaphysical awareness, lack of awareness beyond the self, individualism, narcissism, solipsism, promiscuity, oblivion, neurosis, anxiety... add up to modernity.


eleven comments

Son of a baby boomer checking in on how this applies to me.
Communism: NO
Hedonism: YES, although not the cool kind. and feel guilty
Lack of metaphysical awareness: SOMEWHAT FALSE!
Lack of awareness beyond the self: FALSE
Individualism: TRUE
Narcissism: Unsure
Solipsism: Unsure
Promiscuity: Would like to!
Oblivion: That game sucks!
Neurosis: VERY TRUE!!
Anxiety: VERY TRUE!!

I am not free! Son of a baby boomer checking in on how this applies to me. - 19-04-’12 19:37
I like these vague statements that Prozak doesn't back up with evidence.

Oh, and feel free to delete my comments again, you insecure cunt. Franny - 19-04-’12 21:45
Brett Dickmaster
Archetypal ANUS post. Random shit, "wouldn't life be so much better 60 years ago even though I wasn't around to experience it and am most assuredly a retard looking at it with rose-tinted glasses". Brett Dickmaster - 20-04-’12 14:32
the circle of hate
it sux ur comments were deleted. i think u did make some good points out there.

however, in reality you're only coming here to vent out your anger and hatred of this site, so i can see why SRP doesn't like u.

this is actually a good lesson on being a tough guy on the internet: admin posts offensive shit, guy comes out, is offended, retaliates, admin erases his comments from the internet.

HATRED is SUPREME, even in pseudo-philosophical discussions on the internet. We're all doomed and, like Nietzsche predicted, between nihilists, the man with the club always wins the argument. the circle of hate - 20-04-’12 15:04
I am persecuted here just as much if not more than Franny. Just like Franny, I compose a calm, intelligent refutation and everything I type gets deleted. See for yourselfs! Dave (URL) - 20-04-’12 17:43
Never said I was persecuted bros. Just that pro-anusites post stuff even more nonsensical than the shit I rail on about. I mean, for a site that has a section about 'fwee speech' defending posts of Breivik-fellating content (oh, and don't forget the posts on Amerika about how the poor posters were persecuted because he liked their content), that's pretty weak. Prozak has a right to delete it, but it does make him a massive bitch for doing it.

And I'm not stating that as an internet tough guy, I'm stating that as an objective facts. You guys like objective facts, don't you? Franny - 20-04-’12 19:21
ward draw
ANUS contradicts itself like the weather changes. If it lives far into the future it will be fractured into many sects of convenient interpretation like Christianity. ward draw - 20-04-’12 22:08
Great job there sport. Franny - 22-04-’12 03:31
Occasional visitor
I'm sorry but liberalism is the best!

Your articles are starting to get redundant and boring, Brett. Might wanna try other topics aside from "liberalism sucks, conservatism rules" and "diversity doesn't work". Occasional visitor - 22-04-’12 14:48
Queero Mc Hungo writes poem to Brett well hung? Stevens
Butterflies in your stomach.
You sweat cold. There is no fear, there is no guilt.
Only lust. I slide in.

You feel my veiny mandingo opening your tender anal cavity.
You utter the name of God and his handsome son.
Your ass is in delicious pain. Contractions drive you mad.

I pump you hard. My sleazy rod is your gateway to heaven.
You are suspended in a dream now. You wish it would last forever.

Hot blood, brown slime, yellow goo. Rancid stench.
Your orgasm is drowned in your throat. Murmur my name.
Dry the tears from your eyes. Queero Mc Hungo writes poem to Brett well hung? Stevens - 23-04-’12 17:37
pen is - 25-04-’12 18:54

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