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Racists and Anti-Semites are doofuses

16 04 12 - 18:29

[T]he anti-Semites / white nationalists are concerned about the Third-Worldization of the West. So what are they going to do about it? Nothing. They’re going to direct all their energy against the Jews, based on the belief that once the Jews are destroyed, all the West’s other racial and cultural problems will be solved as well. So the anti-Semites, an addition to being evil, are among the stupidest people who have ever lived. If they weren’t so vicious and ugly, their stupidity would be funny. - Lawrence Auster

The problem is simple: delusion.

It takes a form called liberalism.

Cull and restart.

Don't get caught up on intermediary targets, especially mistaken ones.

Fight the root of the problem.

Maim. Kill. Sodomize. Win!

fourteen comments

So you wrote the same article as on Amerika.org in just a few lines.The truth is simpler than we think. facebook (Email ) - 17-04-’12 00:44
Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base ment
I who want to be God. I who want to hear the infinite minutest vibration of eternal harmony. I who wait trembling my destruction by that aethereal music in the fire. I who hate God and give him a name. I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter. I who am doomed but at the far end of the universe the million eyed spyder that hath no name spinneth of itself endlessly. Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base ment - 17-04-’12 07:24
Fight the root of the problem indeed.
The real problem is that this is the irrelevant bashing the irrelevant. Neither the anti-semites/white nationalists, nor the so-called traditionalists, nor the so-called nihilists are going to do anything. You're not going to genocide anyone, you're not going to cull anyone, you're not going to sodomize anyone, and you're certainly not going to win anything.

And it certainly doesn't matter who you think is correct about what the targets are.

You're all going to keep whining on the internet, occasionally acting all irreverently happy about murders on the news (by people who are *not* you), and that's all you're going to do. Fight the root of the problem indeed. - 17-04-’12 11:09
And that's why I hardly come here anymore, talk is cheap
^^^ And that's why I hardly come here anymore, talk is cheap - 17-04-’12 14:19
Occasional visitor
"Fight the root...." is right. This site has no meaning or value. Occasional visitor - 17-04-’12 18:03
mindful entertainment
True, they are not an active bunch, the ANUSes around, but the reality is that this is just a website/blog ... wtf can you expect?

The only purpose I see for it is spreading some dangerous opinions. Their cold pragmatism has had value and meaning for me, and their outlook is almost sane (with a few big exceptions).

Occasionally some McVeigh or Breivik rises up from the nihilistic mass of lost urbanites, but that's basically it.

So what? mindful entertainment - 18-04-’12 14:42
Proud Monarch of Death
yeah, I mean A.) what constitutes "doing something?" & B.) how exactly are the ANUSian agents of death supposed to "prove" they are "doing something?"

The way I see it, the world is beginning to look a lot more ANUSy and nihilistic. The pen is mightier than the sword! Proud Monarch of Death - 18-04-’12 15:56
Occasional visitor


COCKS IN MY BUTT! Occasional visitor - 18-04-’12 20:23
People don't come to power by being exotertic.
@mindful entertainment: Exactly what dangerous opinions do you think people get from here that they don't already get from Magneto in X-Men? The only difference is that he comes off as more sympathetic.

@Proud: A. Well, doing half the stuff that they suggest doing. Like the last line of this very post. B. Ever hear of leaving a calling card?

Alternatively, if they REALLY want to get anything done, they might try a softer approach. One that doesn't automatically alienate 90% of the population, and graduately alienate 9% of the rest. People don't come to power by being exotertic. - 18-04-’12 20:54
I mean esoteric. @People - 18-04-’12 21:38
do you have a better solution?
Listen, you're right about the means of coming to power here and now. The website is one man's (SRP) philosophy of life and that's it. If you wanna try another approach, start a party, promote something similar (some meritocratic ideals) and see how it goes. The way I see, it's his choice to limit himself to this (not getting v& perhaps?).

... come to think of it, maybe his choice is to exasperate us into action ?

Truth is we're all stuck in middle class territory here, and we'd be the same with or without this site existing. Actually, I think I'd be worse, there is stoicism in their 'change the system from within' approach; also for me, idiots like mass murderers only have the effect of legitimizing the status quo.

You're simplifying things because of your hatred, it's no comic book worldview; I can respect these fellows, they're not losers, there are also lots of good books they point out to, there's a handful of smart individuals on the forum, there's good taste in metal.
This is free speech at its best. do you have a better solution? - 19-04-’12 05:04
beacause I don't agree on what the problems are.
I'd have a similar respect if it kept to the philosophy part, and left off the "kill! sodomize!" shit, which is an engraved invitation for the comic book comparison. I'd have even more respect if there weren't so much internal inconsistency, such as "respect traditional values, like family, but kill anyone in your family whose IQ is less than 150".

I'd still say the philosophy here is nothing new though. And it may be a more developed philosophy than Magento's, but my point is that anyone who browses here and says "Hmm, he's got a point" probably said the same thing about Magneto when watching the movie.

Yes, mass murderers, like McVeigh, end up legitimizing the status quo, so maybe ANUS should stop praising them.

I do have some better ideas for a solution, but that's a longer discussion... beacause I don't agree on what the problems are. - 19-04-’12 07:20
Wow, fuck you. 12 comments - 20-04-’12 13:15
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