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Uncommonly intelligent CNN commentary on race and racial relations

14 04 12 - 10:34


I don't hate people. I just hated what happened to that guy, just like I hated what happened to the victims in Tulsa. But what I really hate is how the video is only going to confirm what so many whites think about blacks and the arrests are only going to confirm what so many blacks think about whites.

That's where much of the focus will inevitably go instead of to what I think is far more important, and that is what blacks think about ourselves. I don't need to tell you what the response from the black community would be if the victim in the Baltimore video was black and the assailants white. But for some reason many blacks puree crimes of this nature through some warped situational ethics filter, which in the end only makes a mockery of the community more than it empowers it.

For if President Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon, but he would also look like one of the assailants in that video. That's the uncomfortable truth that the black community must deal with: Racism still hurts us, but not nearly as much as we hurt ourselves. - L.K. Granderson

He's too restrained to flip it around, but whites do themselves an assload of damage by refusing to talk about race honestly and to separate it from $$$. Ultimately, I don't think it's a question of crime, wealth or racism. I think it's a question of white people wanting to live on their own terms with people like them. I think black people desire the same thing, but aren't going to see that until more of them are at a middle class level of income. Then again, while I type, their ethnic homeland is being partitioned by China and India and its wealth is being exported.

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the purpose of my life
fuck christ the purpose of my life - 14-04-’12 13:11
the purpose of my life
fuck my anus the purpose of my life - 14-04-’12 13:34
cry about it, dawg
I'm ecstatic about the Oklahoma shootings, and I predict there are going to be a number of copycats as the race issue comes to a head, leading to a national race war that, let's be honest, needs to happen to reverse the built-up tension. Enough of these incidents or a race war may put blacks in their place; a show of violent dominance always puts whimpering dawgs on their bellies, pissing themselves. Peaceful resolution? In your fucking wet dreams. The FEDS don't want it. Blacks have nothing to lose. And whites are finally waking up to the hypocrisy of reverse racism. Now let's be good nihilists and agree that this is always the result of diversity, and the results don't matter as long as the present illusion is crushed. cry about it, dawg - 14-04-’12 22:06
"Ultimately, I don't think it's a question of crime, wealth or racism. I think it's a question of white people wanting to live on their own terms with people like them."

It's not a question, it's you and your other 'I'm-not-racist-I-just-don't-like-coloured-people-to-get-near-me' untermeschen bitching about being 'forced' to live in diversity instead of just living together on your own like the isolated fucks you are. Do it, it would make us both much happier. JP - 15-04-’12 11:07
Vijay PROLEzak
Fuck off, that would require us to put our money where our mouths are, and be confronted with the reality of the application of our ideology to our pathetic empty lives (actually enforcing fascism would take intellectual and physical effort, but not when it's a badge/scene man). Vijay PROLEzak - 15-04-’12 11:12
I agree. WHITE POWER! HALE SATURN! ANUSite - 16-04-’12 13:15

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