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"Fistful of Pizza" free download for Kindle

11 04 12 - 16:52

Jon Konrath's latest book of micro-shorts, Fistful of Pizza will be a free Kindle download from Friday, 4/13 through the 17th. This means anyone can go to Amazon and "buy" the book for $0.00. They don't need Amazon Prime, and they don't need a physical Kindle. They can read it on their phone or computer or even in a web browser. And it isn't a loan; you get to "keep" it forever.

Why do this? Because everyone that get the book affects the Amazon rankings for the book. And, of course, maybe people will buy another book, but the big thing is the rankings. The book is hovering around the 300,000 number, and a blitz of downloads could push it into the big time. Support independent publishing, death metal and flash fiction in all in one strong and cast your vote for Fistful of Pizza by taking advantage of the free Kindle download this weekend.

nine comments

ANUS.com, supporting a higher way of being... when they're not shilling second-rate stories, of course. Franny - 11-04-’12 18:05
Brett Dickface
Didn't even read this article. Fuck off. Brett Dickface - 12-04-’12 06:23
skill troller
hey i troll

such a shit of a shite skill troller - 12-04-’12 11:09
Solitary Dude Dating Advice.
Hey guys, iv'e been getting this question allot in my mail box and thought I would address it here as it is a prescient one

"hy solitary dude dating advice. I am a 38 year old computer programer who has recently discovered your blog, and boy, do I find it helpful. However one thing I am not sure of is how I can get people to go away so that I can masturbate."

Good question. Many men do indeed have problems finding the solitude neccesary to masturbate but it is actually really simple to achive once you know what you are doing. Just follow this approach:

1. wake up. If you live alone, then their is a high probability that you are alone. If so, begin to masturbate at your leisure.

2. However, if you have a pressing engagement such as work or an appointment, be sure to masturbate (alone) before this.

3. If you live with your mom, roommate, ect... ask said living partner if they can go grab groceries or some needed accoutrement. It doesn't matter if you need anything, the point is for them to leave the home so that you can masturbate in peaceful solitude. However, if they do not agree to leave, you must wait unti they do so. Perhaps organize a different strategy, such as claiming the dog needs a walk, or that the lawn needs to be mowed.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope this helps some of you. Solitary Dude Dating Advice. - 12-04-’12 22:05
Noble Stoic Hessian Mythology.
How Levy_Spearmen came to be:

Tiny Midget secretly begot his son Levy_Spearman on Levy_Spearman’s mom, before she was taken to Mexico with her uncle Daniel Corchado. He set Dominating fucker’s sons, the Curvaceous Curves, or, some say, Dave, to guard his cradle in the blog wait room, where they leaped about him, clashing their weapons, as they had leaped about Tiny Midget himself at the Gojira guestbook. But the Mastodon fans, Tiny Midget enemies, whitening each other with Gypsum until they were anti-blackface, waited until the Curvaceous Curves slept. At midnight, they lured Levy_Spearman away, by offering him such childish toys as a bull-roararer, golden apples, a mirror, a knuckle-bone, a tuft of wool, and the first 3 Korn albums. Levy_Spearman showed courage when they murderously set upon him, and went through several transformations in an attempt to delude them: he became successively Militantididothcrusher in goat skin, Querro Mchungro, Cargest, Kam Lee, and a horse. At this point the Mastodon fans sized him firmly by his hoofs, tore him apart with their teeth and devoured his flesh raw. Kontinual interrupted this grisly banquet shortly before its end and rescuing Levy’s heart, enclosed it in a gypsum figure, into which she breathed life; so that Levy_Spearman became immortalized as a meme. His bones were collected and buried in the archive, and Tiny midget punished the Mastodon fans anally.

THUS ENDS PART ONE OF THE TRIALS OF LEVY_SPEARMINT . Noble Stoic Hessian Mythology. - 12-04-’12 22:32
Chuck Schuldiner honored at 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show
fuckkkinnnnnn tittttssss. FINALLLYYY Chuck Schuldiner honored at 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show - 13-04-’12 18:10
mastodon guy
I got this on Friday and read through it all today. Thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish. Had a few moments where I recalled various Anus flash fiction. Good read. mastodon guy (Email ) - 15-04-’12 18:23
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