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How a nihilist drinks tea

11 03 12 - 15:42

Get yourself a hefty 20-oz teacup and boil some water.


Pour in water, and let steep until the sheer pointlessness of it all overwhelms you.

Then drink with one pinky raised, preferably with your foot across the sightless eyes of a culled mundane.

eight comments

Is this what Prozak thinks passes as wit?

Geez, I feel bad for his emotionally mal-adjusted followers. Franny - 11-03-’12 18:49
hahahah .1 ! .. you just didn't get it did you franny? Now get the fuck back in that kitchen and make me some COFFEE! stupid cunt! Steele - 11-03-’12 19:04
More disguised racism. He pretty much says even green tea is superior to black coffee. If you are not appalled, you are not paying attention like I am. Dave - 11-03-’12 22:03
Write a blog article like this
How to demonstrate you have autism Write a blog article like this - 11-03-’12 23:06
Brett Cravens
"today i managed to stop being afraid of the black people across the street and so i left the house i was quite nervous but i tried to speak to people and so i walked all the way to the shops by myself and i timidly searched through all of the shop by myself until someone spoke to me i wondered why they were speaking to me but as i stared awkwardly at their chest like i do to everyone when i try to speak to them i saw that they had a label stating that they were an employee and thinking on my feet i asked if there were any good teas at the store and she pointed at this one i told her i don't fuck around with sluts and i never have sex i only want a stable relationship with good nihilist nationalist conservationist values and sort of apologising for hitler and racism and but she just stared at me blankly so i shuffled off bought the tea and made myself a cup of tea with a teabag and wrote this article and that has been my day. hile satin!" Brett Cravens - 12-03-’12 08:26
Hardcore hate and ultra-violence
Are you predator or prey Dave? If you are not a predator then you are prey. People like 'Dave' are dross and lack true Satanic character. Hardcore hate and ultra-violence - 12-03-’12 17:52
this website has some clever writings, but something tells me its main audience is pseudo enlightened dummies who for some reason think they have a higher iq after reading some of the stuff in here
i.e Steele, Dave etc etc.... Walter (Email ) - 12-03-’12 18:30
Anyway, where do I get some nice young fresh cock? Walter - 13-03-’12 22:14

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