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11 03 12 - 11:05

Right and left are totally incompatible.

Though he fielded a question from the audience about how he would help the homeless, Santorum targeted his audience, business people, by pledging to lower taxes for innovation and small businesses.

At one point, he even said he was such a strong supporter of successful business, which lifts the rest of the community, that he thought income inequality was a good thing.

"There is income inequality in America, there always has been, and hopefully, there always will be," he said. - Los Angeles Times

On the right, we think in terms of social order and social systems. We make a healthy productive body.

On the left, they think only in terms of equal individuals which are symbols for the narcissistic self. They make happy cells and the body dies.

The left is a cancer and anyone who does not see this is in denial.

nine comments

Brett Stevens fan
Kill yourself, Brett. Brett Stevens fan - 11-03-’12 12:32
A crappy dichotomy. Libertarians are obsessed with individual freedoms - communists are obsessed with a collective reality and its role in an inexorable and linear historical narrative. Left and right are not incompatible - they're stupid illusions that we should remove from our vocabulary. Lightning - 11-03-’12 14:33
Or do you?
Yes. The left thinks that the unit of utility, the thing whose well-being matters, is the individual human. Not the cell, not the society, but the thing with 2 legs and 2 arms. So do many on the right, such as the capitalist right and all libertarians.

There's a lot of support for the idea that this is the natural unit.

Just because you can imagine a larger unit, the social system, which might function in an analogous way to a human body, doesn't mean that it makes sense to look out for the supposed interests of that larger thing.

After all, why stop there? Perhaps it is society-narcisstic to think of the interests of the social system before those of a larger system, such as an ecosystem or the planet itself. Perhaps a healthy social system is a cancer on a larger ecosystem. Some environmentalists think that way; I suspect you don't. Or do you? - 11-03-’12 17:02

ANUS, take your site down now. Your over-simplified, misanthropic dwaddle will never provide an effective counter-argument to the above post. Franny - 11-03-’12 21:59
fuck you faggot
>On the right, we think in terms of social order and social systems.

No they don't, but then again for you "on the right" to you means "in my fascist fantasy", and you use "right" as a convenient term to dissociate yourself from the "left" because you think it sounds cooler. fuck you faggot - 12-03-’12 02:54
Brett Cravens
Are there any people reading these blog posts who actually agree with them any more? It's getting boring taking the piss out of ANUS without the Assburgers around. Brett Cravens - 12-03-’12 08:31
Buttercup Dew
Haters gonna hate, Nihils gonna Nil Buttercup Dew - 12-03-’12 15:59
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