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09 03 12 - 20:03

I get into trouble when I speak too clearly.

Not plainly, clearly; logically.

As you probably know, I have friends of many stripes, and I don't discriminate on the basis of religion. I view differences as being primarily of vocabulary. If a Christian wants to talk about his transcendent reverence for God, I substitute "trees" and we understand each other just fine. To a philosopher, we are talking about the same topic. Ditto the Jewish moral imperative or the Hindu reverence for the pantheon of gods.

However, I'm also somewhat outsider in that I view the anus as being as holy as the mouth, and God being only as holy as Satan. The two opposites create the whole; there is no separation. There is no separation of heaven and earth, God and nature. All is contiguous and to enforce false separations is to enforce and project the human perspective in its most error-prone state.

Thus to me it is entirely logically consistent that someone might list Meister Eckhart and Anton Long as his primary influences...

However, people don't like this. They want me to cheer for one team or the other. They don't like my point that all I'm going to cheer for is the Godhead, which is the ground of existence from which thought and matter, good and evil, God and Satan, now and forever, etc. emerge. Or as they say in that cheesy but accurate-ish movie The Craft: "If God and Satan played a game of football, [godhead] would be the stadium."

This is the essence of all occult, Pagan and Vedic beliefs. We are not opposed to your God. We are not however going to drop awareness of all for just one God. And we will worship Satan as we worship blood, fire, death, sodomy and hatred, because without those things -- equal to flowers, cake, peace, love and kitties -- our world would not exist. You cannot have good without Evil. You cannot have God without Satan.

five comments

>You cannot have good without Evil. You cannot have God without Satan.

Yeah dude, maybe you could explain to your boss too how you cannot have productivity without laziness, maybe then he wouldn't feel inclined to fire you. Or explain to a Nazis from the '30s how you cannot have the Aryan overman without today's debauched homosexuals you say on gay pride floats, maybe that would change their mind about hairy men in effeminate fetishwear and be more accepting. This teenage level musing is stupid, obviously the only way to survive is to keep the Good in life and throw away/reject the chaff (Spoiler: "chaff" includes Death Metal). Shamash - 09-03-’12 20:32
Be an atheist, you'll speak much clearer.
"This is the essence of all occult, Pagan and Vedic beliefs. We are not opposed to your God. We are not however going to drop awareness of all for just one God.

Yeah, well, as you well know, that's exactly what Christians and Muslims insist that you do.

Granted a lot of them are softer about it now, but the whole innovation of evangelistic monotheism was: not only is our god the best for us, it's the best for everyone, and everyone who doesn't worship it and only it is evil.

They would view your substitution of "trees" as idolatry.

I know you know this, but it puzzles me why you think you and Christians are speaking the same language at all. Be an atheist, you'll speak much clearer. - 09-03-’12 23:08
I'm drunk
You think you have won! What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me. We are brothers eternal!

- Lord of Darkness, from the cheesy fantasy movie Legend

Hey Summoning quoted from it in "A Distant Flame Before the Sun" ...through dreams I influence mankind...

also "The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity." haha like that one reminds me of Varg. I'm drunk - 10-03-’12 03:29
<span class='registered'>nihilist</span>
The dreams of youth are like all things youthy based on inexperience. You will be glad they did not come true. They are also 95% derived from media and social manipulation, other than good healthy fantasies about rooms full of hot nuns and a vat of butter. nihilist (URL) - 11-03-’12 11:08
Become a martyr
Kill yourself, Brett. Become a martyr - 11-03-’12 12:33

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