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Leftism is dead. This is the future

08 03 12 - 18:24

Tarak Nath Das, an Indian revolutionary, wrote glowingly of Fascist Italy in 1931: “Italy, under the leadership of Signor Mussolini, is roused to its very depths of national consciousness. It feels that it has a mission of introducing a higher type of civilization. It had the urge of becoming a great power again ... Italy must be great through her national power, achieved through the authority of an 'ethical State' supported by national co-operation and solidarity.”

Das added: “Every Italian citizen must think first of his duty towards his self-development, [his concern for the] welfare of the state and society ... and [he must] make his or her supreme effort to attain the ideal. Class harmony must take the place of the ideal of class-war. So-called democracy must give way to the rule of the aristocracy of intellect. ... Some superficial and prejudiced observers of new Italy have spoken of 'Fascist tyranny' and condemned the Fascist regime. To me it is clear that the Fascist government or a particular official might have made some mistakes on particular occasions; but Fascism stands for liberty with responsibility and it is opposed to all forms of license. It gives precedence to Duty and Strength, as one finds in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita." - IBT

We suffer under the tyranny of the lowest common denominator everyday.

This is majoritarianism, a subset of utilitarianism, both subsets of Crowdism.

You either look at the individual, or at the big picture.

If you look at the former, the latter suffers.

If you look at the latter, the former suffers -- to about the degree it always does.

Make mine reality, thanks.

nine comments

durrr, absolute monarchy is da fewchur
>the future

lol durrr, absolute monarchy is da fewchur - 09-03-’12 01:15
Make your *what* reality?

You didn't specify what "mine" refers to. Weird. - 09-03-’12 11:17
Choice. Priority. Focus. Idiots - 09-03-’12 14:12
Perhaps, but what does that have to do with individual vs. big picture? After all, the individual is much more obviously part of reality; you can see them, individuate them systematically. The big picture is an abstract construct.

Mind you, they're both part of reality, so "make my focus reality" has no bearing on the question of individual vs. big picture. @Idiots - 09-03-’12 14:47
Swedish American
The 'big picture' it not an abstract construct. It is very real. It is simply that a single individual cannot perfectly conceive what the big picture is in its totality and actuality, although you may lucky enough to experience brief moments of epiphany for instance. But that doesn't make it an abstract construct. Future events are only theoretical, but they will happen nevertheless. They are simply waiting to happen. Individuals can understand reality only when they realize that they are not observing it from 'outside' of it, but when they place themselves WITHIN reality/the big picture. You will be fulfilled when you learn what your role is in the grand scheme of things. Swedish American - 09-03-’12 20:31
Keep trying, though.
"The ‘big picture’ it not an abstract construct. It is very real."

Actually, it's both. Abstract does not mean "not real".

It means not obvious, not observable directly with the senses.

Which also means: requiring more proof before one should accept that exists.

And also, you need more proof before you buy someone's idea that it's something that can suffer, or that we should favor more than some simpler construct like the individual. ANUS has not made its case for that yet. Keep trying, though. - 09-03-’12 23:46
@Keep trying
don't wait around too long for your proof. the big picture might pass you by. @Keep trying - 10-03-’12 12:21
<span class='registered'>nihilist</span>
One of them admitted it:

"After all, the individual is much more obviously part of reality; you can see them, individuate them systematically."

Leftists can only handle the tangible, i.e. unconnected detail. The big picture just evades their proly-oly minds.


It's rare we get an admission like this in public. Kudos to him for honesty. nihilist (URL) - 13-03-’12 19:37
In short, you're an idiot.
"Leftists can only handle the tangible, i.e. unconnected detail."

How did you get that from the bit you quoted? It says the individual is *more obviously* part of reality, not that the poster cannot recognize other things as being parts of reality. And the rest of the post, which of course you don't quote, goes on to agree that the big picture is also part of reality.

Scientists, whose conclusions leftists are much better at paying attention to than rightists, though not perfectly so, always start with the most obvious, the most concrete, observations. They only claim the existence of something abstract when they need to, when it helps them explain patterns. They do not, as this site does, appeal to abstract things just because they sound cool.

Scientists understand the big picture better than you ever will precisely because they don't take its existence for granted. They are forced to conclude it, and its properties, by starting with the obvious, such as that individual humans exist. In short, you're an idiot. - 14-03-’12 16:22

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