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04 03 12 - 19:31

People always want to romanticize the underdog to show other people how they're NOT like the rest of us, who are perceived to be a cancer upon the earth. Is humanity a cancer? Most likely, in environmental effect; in everything else, not likely at all. Are we so horrible we must romanticize the primitive out of guilt for what we are? No, we're just trying to show others how open-minded we are. - "We romanticize the underdog because we hate ourselves," Penetrate

It's important to remember this comment about ironism.

People always want to prove they're different from the mass. It's an instant identity.

Unfortunately not a coherent one. That which is actually different is so in substance, not surface. It looks normal but thinks outside the box, bag, category, symbol, age and trend.

And that makes it hard to spot, at least for the 99% and their hipster/media lap-dogs.

two comments

ok lol
"People always want to prove they're different from the mass. "

You are the only one doing this all the time. People actually WANT to be a part of the mass because the other people like them and are accepted by them ok lol - 05-03-’12 07:37
Actually, most people are by default accepted as part of a group (the mass), with little to differentiate them from the rest. An outsider's coherent view and corresponding actions look similar to randomly going against the grain (at a cursory glance). Thus the desire to APPEAR different on the outside arises from the similarity within. imprecation - 07-03-’12 09:34

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