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A merchant's dream

02 03 12 - 04:40

If, in fact, the nation has passed the threshold where Americans can no longer shamelessly vent against a multicultural society, at least in public, then perhaps some attitudes need to change among those of us who do multicultural marketing.

If America has entered a new era, then it bids us, as multicultural marketers, to embrace a freedom that many of us never felt we had. We have permission to be bolder in our marketing. We have the license to develop campaigns that push the envelope, and support multicultural causes and concerns that may have made us timid in the past. What does this mean? For starters, more Hispanics, Asians and gays in mainstream ads. And let's not be afraid to show cultural authenticity. Our country, our customers and consumers are ready to see multicultural America as it really is. Let's show Hispanics speaking English. Let's depict African-American culture in a way that's respectful and aspirational, yet real. Let's depict Asian Americans and gays -- period. That's how we'll lead the way to portraying the American reality that Buchanan so much disdains.

The more I ponder the issue, the more I am convinced that Buchanan has served a purpose. As odious as I find his views, his firing is a wake-up call to multicultural marketers, to get energized, and to the rest of our profession to recognize the truth that multicultural marketers have been proclaiming for years: It is no longer business as usual in America. Rather, it appears to be a fait accompli that we have become a nation of different hues, not just in skin color, but linguistically, in our religious views, and in our choices of whom we share our lives with. - "Why Pat Buchanan Firing Is a Seize-the-Moment Opportunity for Multicultural Marketers," by David Morse, Ad Age

They want you to think it's a foregone conclusion.

Oh well -- no higher ideas exist, so let's get to selling products.

Note that this cheerleader can barely even work up the energy for a full plug. And he wrote a whole book on the topic.

If anything, what Pat Buchanan's firing says to a smart marketer is, "Stay out of this issue -- it's still hot."

Instead, he's decided to join one side and cheerlead to them.

I'll bet good money that this guy lives in a tightey-whitey gated community, and other than his one educated friend Dr. Huxtable, socializes mainly with white people.

For him, like all others, diversity is an excuse for profit.

ten comments

bottom line
"For him, like all others, diversity is an excuse for profit." bottom line - 02-03-’12 21:43
"For him, like all others, diversity is an excuse for profit. "

So you are saying non-Whites are just tools--mere slaves? Dave (Email ) - 03-03-’12 11:47
I always knew Vijay Prozak was just disguising his prejudice towards non-Whites with long diatribes about a "failing society". Dave (Email ) - 03-03-’12 11:48
Just a balanced thought
How about we just all the races together? That never crossed your mind, Brett? Just a balanced thought - 03-03-’12 15:43
Just a balanced thought
Sorry. *mixed* all the races. :^) Just a balanced thought - 03-03-’12 15:44
@ Dave
"So you are saying non-Whites are just tools—mere slaves?"

When there is no common cultural heritage and thus less ethical standards thanks to tolerance, what surges forward? Commerce. The principle would be the same if we had green and blue people. @ Dave - 03-03-’12 21:34
Otto Philatio
What is ANUS's definition of/view on preferences? How common are they and what role do they play in the world? This seems to be a key question and I would be flattered if any of the Anal Gods parted the clouds and descended before me to address my humble beseechment Otto Philatio - 03-03-’12 21:48
I like commerce. I hate homogeneous, communistic societies. @@Dave - 04-03-’12 05:58
Okay. So what? I have dingleberries in my ass crack but you don't see me shouting it from the mountain tops.

Anyway this is quite a tangle. Here's my understanding of events.
1)You think "diversity is an excuse for profit" is meant as "diversity is a way to subjugate non-whites for profit." Not necessarily accurate but fair enough.
2)Based on 1, you claim Prozak is a white supremacist. Wait a minute, Prozak is anti-diversity, so if he really were calling diversity a vehicle for white economic dominance, he would be arguing from an anti-white supremacist stance.

All this aside, the statement wasn't even necessarily referring to white economic dominance. It could be referring to the way diversity generally primes nations for rampant commerce.

And I'm pretty sure whether you like commerce is irrelevant. @Dave - 04-03-’12 18:13
*Edit: The statement was in the context of this David Morse guy, so it's actually referring to people who get rich selling merchandise to the people on the diversity bandwagon. Regardless of the race of buyer or seller. @Dave - 04-03-’12 18:18

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