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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Three trends sweeping you into oblivion

28 02 12 - 19:28

Just kidding. No trends - no mosh - no core - and no fun.

However, these are worthy of your time.

  • Goatcraft - one man soundtrack keyboard warfare

  • Paragraph Line - new literary attack of microfiction

  • iBong - screedal disharmony in poetic mashup

Do you love chaos?

Does chaos love you?

Are there no inherent truths? Except this one of course.

five comments

remember to write a post announcing it just before you kill yourself
>no fun

Great attitude towards life. remember to write a post announcing it just before you kill yourself - 29-02-’12 03:09
Nihilistic Meditation
"No fun" is a statement used to ward off false ones, as occasionally seen on black metal cds. Nihilistic Meditation - 29-02-’12 16:06
Nihilistic Faggot
Also a great statement to ward off women and attract homosexuals. Let's wear latex in the woods! Nihilistic Faggot - 29-02-’12 18:29
This comment section? Actually pretty fun! Franny - 29-02-’12 22:16
Goatcraft will be a monstrous composer in a few years. He's also getting in on the ground floor of what I do think will be a rather large trend-- a lot of people are starting to hear the potential of other instruments than the typical power quartet...

Captcha says "What are the first two letters of the word 'nihilism'?"

We truly are the Knights who say Ni TomGWarriorUGHHH (Email ) - 14-04-’12 19:20

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